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A Preview of Ten Million Moons – The New Album

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March 8th, 2008

For the past year we have been working steadily on the new album entitled Ten Million Moons. This album has been a true undertaking given the task of topping the performances on the first album. We are currently in the final stages of recording and we can confidently say that the musical quality and energy is as good if not better then the first album.

Acyuta sings on Siksastakam

Take a minute and listen to a small sample taken straight from the unmixed tracks of Siksastakam.


Download (right click… save as)

Gaura Vani during the recording of Ten Million Moons

We don’t have a date for the album release, but are shooting for fall this year.

Our Engineers Guru Nitai and Kairava Anjali

More coming soon about Ten Million Moons.

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3 Comments on “A Preview of Ten Million Moons – The New Album”

  1. Gaura says:

    oh my, its so beautiful! So serene, pure and breathtaking. I just want more!!!

  2. chaitanya says:

    Can’t Wait!!!

  3. chaiwalla says:

    Very nice, I’ll be happy when you release Ten Million Moons.

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