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Kirtan Hits Broadway – Kirtan at The Shala

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June 13th, 2009

The kirtan begins L to R: Ray, Vish, Acyuta, Gaura, Wah!

Our show at The Shala was an intimate gathering of about fifty people, but all fifty of them had a smile plastered on their faces throughout the entire show. When our enthusiastic friend and fan, Dennis, stood up and began dancing, his energy was infectious. Suddenly, everyone was dancing, and I thought for a minute that the floor was bending like the fabric on a trampoline.

A full house. Dennis danced all night.

The real dancing begins. Jump!

Now everyone is up.

Eventually, everyone sat down again (whew!) and Ananta lead a sweet, slow bhajan. It was so sweet, in fact, that it inspired Acyuta to dedicate her next song to her older brother, Ananta, who, she said, “taught me everything that I know about kirtan.”

Jump! Mike at the mike....ha ha?

Acyuta leads Some new moves.

The kirtan is pumping. Dennis the Dancing Monster

Unfortunately due to a recorder malfunction we only have the last part of this amazing kirtan.

Listen to the entire Kirtan!

To listen, click on the links below then press play. To download, Right Click on the word “Download” and select “Save As…” from the menu. Having trouble downloading? Read our Help Section.


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