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Prabhupada Festival LA

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July 1st, 2009

L to R: Madi, Janaki Priya, Acyuta Gopi and Ananta Govinda Acyuta Gopi plays Mrdanga while Ananta Govinda leads kirtan with Ray Ippolito on Guitar.

The crowd starts to gather. Acyuta Gopi and Madi

We had an invitation to perform and chant at the two day Prabhupada Festival, which happens at the Los Angeles Krishna temple on Venice Boulevard (New Dwaraka). It was an opportunity to honor the spiritual teacher, or guru, of the Hare Krishna Movement, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who founded the movement in the 60s. He also my mother’s teacher, so we were especially excited to come and honor him.

L to R: Janaki Priya, Ananta Govinda and Acyuta Gopi Chant!

Ray Ippolito on electric guitar takes a solo. Dravida Prabhu front and center rockin' to the kirtan.

The Sibbling Duo Ananta Govinda and Gaura Vani (who just came from a wedding)

It turned out that my cousin, who lives in Los Angeles, was getting married at the same time as the festival, and I thought that I would be able to juggle going to both events. In the end, the rest of our group performed without me while I went my cousin’s wedding, which was a beautiful ceremony in downtown Los Angeles. Despite how beautiful it was, I was a bit distracted thinking about the band having a party without me.  At ten o’clock, when it was over, I came rushing back in my suit and tie and jumped on stage to chant with the rest of the group, who had been chanting since seven o’clock in the evening. Unfortunately, in my exuburance to join in, I hit the microphone stand that had the recorder hanging on it and it fell and caused the recordings to be corrupted. So all you’re left with, unfortunately, are the recordings from after I got there. Sorry AKS!

Dance! Gaura Vani (the wedding singer) and As Kindred Spirits

Dance! Gaura Vani, Ananta Govinda and Shiva on drum.

But it was beautiful night, culminated in a couple of kids going wild and jumping into the pool in front of the stage, which was full of floating lillies. Some of these guys just went nuts in their ecstatic kirtan bliss and dove into the pool, sending water in all directions.

Gaura Vani

Madi Gaura Vani leads the final kirtan of the night.

Kirtan for all ages. Kirtan at the Prabhupada Festival 2009 in Los Angeles

Listen to the entire Kirtan!

To listen, click on the links below then press play. To download, Right Click on the word “Download” and select “Save As…” from the menu. Having trouble downloading? Read our Help Section.


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