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New 24 Hour Kirtan Posted

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July 7th, 2008

Here are the latest round of MP3s from the 24 Hour Kirtan Festival. We have started listing the collection of MP3s from this year on the same 24 Hour Kirtan page from last year. Visit 24 Hour Kirtan Main Page for the complete listing.

Acyuta Gopi dasi


Download (42 MB Right Click… Save Link As…)

Ananta Govinda das


Download (42 MB Right Click… Save Link As…)

HH Niranjana Swami


Download (49 MB Right Click… Save Link As…)

Visit the 24 Hour Kirtan Main Page for the entire list of Mp3s.

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4 Comments on “New 24 Hour Kirtan Posted”

  1. Brijesh says:


    Thanks for getting all these amazing kirtaneers in one place and allowing us to have a glimpse of the atmosphere by uploading these files, love it!

    your servant,
    ISKCON Pandava Sena, UK

  2. Tapash says:

    Hare krishna
    Gauravani prabhu.
    These kirtans are fantastic. Thank you very much for posting. Would you be so kind to those new devotees who wants to learn harmonium, by posting notes for some hare krishna melodies Please. I’ll be greatful if you can do that. Thank you.

    Your servant
    Bhakta tapash

  3. Gaurav says:

    Hare Krsna Dear Gaura Vani Prabhu
    AGTSP !!
    Jai Nitai Ram !

    Thanks a million for these kirtans. The 1st one is really sweet and the one from His Holiness is simply blissful !

    Thank You.
    I’v downloaded them and strongly recommend a download to all other prabhus and mothers.

    Hare Krsna
    Your Aspiring Servant
    ISKCON- Sydney, Delhi, Bangalore

    PS: This devotee in Sydney once joked about my name and said if my Sure Name was AANI then i’d be called Gauravani =) I liked the name a lot though. Seeking your blessings so i can be accepted into Srila Prabhupad’s ISKCON soon through a proper initiation.

  4. Yasoda-dulal das says:

    Dear Gaura Vani prabhu, thanks a ton for hosting the 24-hour kirtan recordings on your website. They are such a boon to all of us!

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