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10 Days of 24 Hour Kirtan Recordings – Day 5

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June 30th, 2009

Mixing the 24 Hour Kirtan Recordings in Digital PerformerHalf way through our 10 days celebrating the 24 Hour Kirtan! We’ve had a few kirtan lovers ask about the process of recording the 24 Hour Kirtan.

The recordings were made using 4 microphones. A Shure Beta 58 taped next to the main singer’s microphone. A Neumann KM183 instrument mic was positioned over the drum players. An Audio-Technica AT4033a and a Neumann TLM103 were used as ambient coverage.

These all fed into a Motu 896HD Analog/Digital Firewire converter connected to a MacBook Pro running Digital Performer 5. We recorded each microphone to a separate track at 48 KHz at 24 bits. The total size of the project came to 68 GB.

Sequence of Recordings for the 24 Hour Kirtan Recordings Vocal Compressor for 24 Hour Kirtan Recordings

We used the MasterWorks Compressor on the vocals to bring up the voice and take down the kartals and clapping. A little EQ and reverb on the master mix and a MasterWorks Limiter to keep the drums and clapping from peaking. We had a few problems during the event which resulted in about 2 hours of lost recordings. We reverted to our Tascam DR1 flash recorder as a back up during that time. The problems came from not knowing that the recordings needed to be paused ever 3 to 4 hours. Also, Digital Performer’s timeline only works up to 12 hour long. So for those of you using DP to record, now you know.

Master Limiter for 24 Hour Kirtan Recordings

Today’s new kirtans are from Dhira Lalita Das, Gopi Gita (Dallas), Hari Das (Dallas) and Madhava Das (Switzerland/Vrindavan India).

Listen to the entire Kirtan!

To listen, click on the links below then press play. To download, Right Click on the word “Download” and select “Save As…” from the menu. Having trouble downloading? Read our Help Section.

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6 Comments on “10 Days of 24 Hour Kirtan Recordings – Day 5”

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  3. Nikita says:

    Hare Krishna dear Vaisnavas.
    My name is Nikita, im currently doing my degree in sound engineering in London.
    Right now im considering my final paper topic. I really want it to be as KC as possible. The proposed topic for now is “Delivering kirtan experience in surround sound”. And to be honest, Im a bit struggling finding arguments why recording of kirtan in surround could sought-after, and would it be possible to convey the spiritual atmosphere by means of recording of that kind.
    I was wondering if you could share with your vision on that questions.
    Also may be you can recommend some literature.
    Thank you.

  4. Carroll says:


  5. rasa.acharya says:

    Thanks for sharing Rupa. We’ve had our eye on the R44 for a while. It’s listed on our donations page 🙂

    Gotta love Vegas! When we cut the normal recordings for here, we use Vegas. Batch render, instant normalization and ease of navigation are unparalleled.

  6. Nice, thanks for the behind the scenes look. When I do full-kit recording, I use 2 Edirol R44 recorders with sync cable for 8 tracks of audio. I also use a Marantz PMD660 for a room/stereo mic if I need another 2 tracks (depends on how many people/instruments are micd).

    I do my audio (and video) editing in Sony Vegas Pro and also use plugins to do post processing.

    Hari bol!

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