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Mantralogy Tour 2009: Kansas to Denver

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July 29th, 2009

After another gruelling drive, we reached the oasis of Bhaktivana, the rural home of our friends Gopimata and Ankotta in Lawrence, Kansas. We also met the Krishna Culture festival tour bus there, who had been busy preparing a wonderful feast for all of the guests attending the kirtan. Bhaktivana is home to a wonderful family, as well as beautiful Swiss cows and peacocks. Those of us who have been to the sacred town of Vrindavan, India felt transported there – even the intense heat was the same!

Many people turned up to sing with us, most of whom have been introduced to kirtan through the yoga classes run by Gopi in her home studio. We were fortunate to be joined again by Bada Hari, who lead a powerful kirtan in praise of Lord Rama. The glorious sound was complete with Purusartha on electric bass, and Jaya Sita’s emotive cello playing. We were also lucky to have Prtha and Nadia, two Bharatanatyam dancers from the Bhaktikalalayam dance academy in Alachua, Florida, who performed an electrifying routine to ‘My Body Is A Temple (Krishna Murari)’.

The welcoming crowd at Bhaktivana, Kansas. Bada Hari chants 'Jaya Sita Rama'

Jahnavi chants the Maha-mantra 'Krishna wears a peacock feather in his hair, and holds a flute'

Prtha and Nadia show Krishna playing the flute

After marveling at the star filled Kansas sky, it was time for bed. We would need to leave very early to continue our drive – another ‘all dayer’ to Denver.

A multitude of things to do while we drive: stare out the window, look bored, make long phone calls, read (sleep). L-R Akincana, Kish, Bali and Vish. Jahnavi drives on the right side of the road for the second time in her life.

The first Mantralogy tour casualty - any doctors in the van?

Almost fifteen hours later, we parked up outside Gaura’s childhood home, opposite the Denver temple. He hadn’t been back for over twenty years, and he exclaimed at how small everything looked.

There were just a couple of hours to rest until our evening kirtan concert within the temple. We were scheduled to begin after a Bhagavat Saptah reading – a type of narrative recitation describing the activities of the Divine, accompanied by music. Hundreds of people had come to attend the reading, and as it ended, they all danced and chanted with abandon, celebrating the pastime they had just listened to about the birth of Lord Krishna. Many stayed on for our kirtan and eagerly continued to chant.

Chanting at Denver temple L-R Kish, Jaya Sita, and Vish

Dancing devotees Ladies dancing up a storm

Kirtan bliss!

We left late, packing everything up and stopping for a quick van cleanup at a gas station. The next day was to be the longest drive yet – over 24 hours to Lake Tahoe.

N.B. We apologise for not posting any recordings right now. We are recording all shows, but because we are on the road, we have limited facility for editing and uploading. Please stay tuned!

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2 Comments on “Mantralogy Tour 2009: Kansas to Denver”

  1. Hana says:

    I remember sineeg in Pilot Guides how you can get a mask of your own, so I would love to go have a look at one, if they work all year round.

  2. Jaya Krsna says:

    Gaura and Crew-

    Dandavats! All glories to your wonderful service!!!

    I’m still relishing the sweet kirtan you all brought with you to our community. Like I said, your chanting can save the whole world, so please, please, DO NOT STOP!!!

    I appreciate you keeping up with posting your performances and would like to help support your travels and expenses. What you are doing is perhaps THE most important service, PERIOD– simply spreading the Holy Names.

    All our love and blessings to you all!!!!

    -Jaya Krsna and the Bhaktivana Community

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