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Roots & Wings Tour Recordings

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November 9th, 2009

Roots & Wings Tour
Right after leaving the West Coast, we headed out to the North East for a tour with our friend, the drummer and poet, John de Kadt. John plays a huge variety of percussion instruments from all over the world, and is a gifted reciter of both his own poetry, as well as that of Sufi mystics such as Rumi.

With no prior rehearsal, we were really open to discover the potential beauty in the juxtaposition of poetry, rhythm and sacred chant. Over ten evenings, we hopped from Block Island, to the Berkshires, to Boston. In each place we were delighted to receive a warm welcome and enthusiastic voices to join ours! It was also a pleasure to meet with many friends along the way who collaborated with us, such as Keli Lalita, Tom Lena and band, and our new favourite clarinetist Warrick Moses, who we bumped into in a twist of fate on Boston Commons. You can hear his stunning playing in the recordings from Boston Rathayatra and our concert at Back Bay Yoga.

Check out the recordings for some unusual mixes – Govinda Jaya Jaya with a hip hop rap, and Sita Rama to the beat of the spaceship-like hang drum!

Rhode Island 9/19/09

Kripalu 9/23/09

Yoga Mandali 9/24/09

Yoga Sanctuary 9/25/09

Litchfield CT 9/26/09

Back Bay Yoga 9/27/09

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  2. Berdine says:

    Many many thanks for the wonderful kirtan in Philadelphia last Friday. And thanks again for including Siksastakam, It was all divinely wonderful. I look forward to hearing you in person again soon.

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