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Rutgers University Loves Kirtan

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March 31st, 2010

Gaura Vani leads the kirtan at Rutgers University Gaura Vani leading kirtan with the Mayapuris, Acyuta Gopi and Kevin Jones on Bass

Acyuta Gopi leads kirtan at Rutgers University Enjoying the chanting.

Last week was our second visit to Rutgers University. We were invited by Aksh Sharma, one of the facilitators of the Bhakti Club, and a good friend of ours. Over 220 students filled a large hall as Gaura Vani, The Mayapuris and Acyuta Gopi started the night with stories of the Ramayan and beautiful chants.

Sri Rama Jai Rama... Visvambhar from The Mayapuris leads one of the final kirtans.

Towards the end of the evening Gaura Vani invited Gopika, a student from Rutgers and a facilitator of the Bhakti Club, to sing Hare Krishna while the Mayapuris got the crowd off their feet and dancing. What ensued can be described with a thousand words, or this one short video.

The Mayapuris perform their signature Mridanga dance. Watching the Mridanga Dance

The crowd in rounds Everyone likes kirtan.

Daily Targum - Gaura Vani ArticleWe are all excited to be going back to Rutgers University in October of this year. The student newspaper, The Daily Targum, also covered the night with an article posted here.


Students were able to tour the world through meditation and cultural celebrations on campus at the Busch Campus Center with the help of the University’s Bhatki Yoga Club.
More than 220 people experienced a night dedicated to musical meditation, cultural singing and dancing Thursday, as they listened to world-famous, Indian-style kirtan bands As Kindred Spirits and Mayapuris while performing Bhakti yoga.
“Kirtan is the sound of the soul singing. Its purpose is to reunite with the divine through the medium of mantra or sacred sounds and to clean the heart to reawaken our true identity. It helps us realize who we are really,” said Gaura Vani, leader of As Kindred Spirits.
Yoga in the western world is known typically as a physical workout leading to flexibility and muscle tone. But Bhakti yoga achieves a higher-level, inner awareness connection through the tradition of singing sacred sounds known as kirtan, according to the club’s Web site. READ MORE…

Gaura Vani running somewhere. Dance

Haribol, Haribol, Haribol Acyuta Gopi leads while the crowd goes wild.

Recordings from the night coming soon…

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