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The Bhakti Center – New York, New York – 05/01/10

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May 1st, 2010

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1 Comments on “The Bhakti Center – New York, New York – 05/01/10”

  1. Haribol Gaura Vani Prabhuji,
    Best wishes for an amazing 12 hour kirtan.
    So the band plays at 432 6th Ave -Cin-M-Art, close to
    you all next Saturday, May 1, 9-10 pm.
    More info at wickedhanginchads.com. Wish there wasn’t a conflict.
    Send people over who want to leave early (probably not!).
    All blessings to you, Acyuta Gopi, and company.
    Krishna willing we will stop by earlier in the day.

    Your servant,
    chatamayi dd

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