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DC Ratha Yatra – Wash­ing­ton DC – 07/04/10

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July 4th, 2010

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1 Comments on “DC Ratha Yatra – Wash­ing­ton DC – 07/04/10”

  1. Nathan Harvey says:

    Hi, and Hare Krishna! Just wondering if the parade usually starts right on time at 10:30. And how long does the parade go for (the actual march of the chariots)? I’m coming from out of town and the bus isn’t expected to get to D.C. until 11:15 am, then probably another 20-30 minutes until I could meet up with the parade. And with July 4th traffic, who knows how long it’ll really take!? So, looks from that schedule very unlikely that I’d be able to catch any of the actual parade, right? Thanks so much. — Nathan

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