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The Bhakti Center – New York, New York – 07/24/10

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July 24th, 2010

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3 Comments on “The Bhakti Center – New York, New York – 07/24/10”

  1. radha says:

    Aindra Prabhu said:

    ” Here in Vrndavana so many people come to the temple for darshan and we can do kirtan here. But in the west you don´t get that many people to the temple, you have to go out to do kirtan. How often do you go out?”
    “Except winter, we go around once a week.”

    ” Once a week is not quite enough, why not to go out every day? It´s very powerful preaching when people regularly see devotees happily chanting the holy names. By seeing you chanting there again and again they gradually start to understand that you are happy, you are convinced, they see that kirtan gives superior happiness.”

  2. srimati says:

    Aindra laments, when talking about temples in the West, how there is insufficient Harinam Sankirtana on the city streets where the public can hear the holy names. He has asked instructively: why not have harinam on the streets every day? He suggested lots and lots of devotees should go, not just a couple of uninitiated bhaktas who don’t have more important service to do. This is the devotees’ most important business.
    Why not, in celebration of Aindra’s unpretentious and compassionate mood, take our 12 hour kirtan out into Central Park–or take the kirtan to the hip streets of the East Village with just some breaks in the temple? The devotees can still relish the holy name chanted by their favorite kirtan leaders, but if out preaching on Harinam, they can do so in a selfless, compassionate mood that will be multiplied exponentially because the many conditioned souls who have forgotten Krsna will get their first and perhaps only opportunity in millenia to get close again to He whom they really love. That is a fitting way to celebrate — and glorify — the pure service attitude of Aindra.

  3. hare krsna says:

    join Gaura Vani, Ananta & Acyuta and many friends Saturday, June 5th for 12 hours of kirtan (10am – 10pm) for the 7th monthly event.

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