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Kartik 24 Hour Kirtan – October 30 – 31, 2010

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September 21st, 2010

Start the winter off with 24 Hours of non-stop Mahamantra chanting in the hills of West Virginia. In the same mood and manner as the big summer kirtan, Mantralogy is happy to help produce the Kartik 24 Hour Kirtan.

General suggested donation is $40 per person advanced / $50 at the event.
Student suggested donation is $20 advanced / $25 at the event.

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10 Comments on “Kartik 24 Hour Kirtan – October 30 – 31, 2010”

  1. Nitai Mangala says:

    Hare Krihna. Bows.
    Will the online broadcast?

    Jai Aindra Prabhu.
    All glories to Guru and Gauranga.

  2. Shyam Pandey says:

    As we can see that the New Vrindaban Management & Mantralogy have already waived the festival fees for Kartik 24 Hour Kirtan then there is no point in arguing about it anymore.

    I completely understand, appreciate and admire Akinchana Prabhu’s point of view from the organizers side. The festival does require lot of financial help and support to take care of all the arrangements starting from Prasad to running the whole festival smoothly so that everyone can nicely take part in chanting.

    Being part of the festival team, I would like to welcome you all once again to come and join us in New Vrindaban for this wonderful event.

    Here is the direct cut and paste article about 24 hour kirtan festival fees from Newvrindaban.com

    Only 3 weeks remain till the Kartik 24 Hour Kirtan taking place on October 30th and 31st in New Vrindavan, near Wheeling, West Virginia. This Autumn version of the well-known Summer event is happening for the second year in a row. 24 hours of Hare Krishna Mantra kirtan will continue without stopping 12 noon on Saturday till Sunday at 12 noon.

    Some of the Kirtan leaders who chanting at this event are: Visvambhar (Mayapuris), Acyuta Gopi, Ananta Govinda and Gaura Vani (As Kindred Spirits), Sarvajay Gauranga (Potomac, MD), Krishna Prasad (Baltimore), Ayush (a 12 year old boy from Seattle who’s taking the world of kirtan by storm), Jagannath “Jagi” Kirtan (Alachua, FL) as well as many other beautiful chanters from around the country and the world. This event is being produced again by Mantralogy (the company created to promote kirtan and the kirtan lifestyle) along with the community of devotees in New Vrindavan (one of the oldest and most beautiful farm communities in the Hare Krishna Movement).

    Since the first announcement of this kirtan and it’s intention to honor the passing of well-known and loved kirtan leader Aindra Prabhu in Vrindavan India there has been a growing concern about the festival fees proposed by the producers, Mantralogy and New Vrindavan ISKCON. Some feel that this may cause individuals to feel excluded if they are unable to pay the requested fee. In response to this concern and in an attempt to properly honor Aindra Prabhu’s mood of making kirtan available to all, the producers have decided to drop the plan to charge any festival fees and the kirtans and prasad will be made available to everyone.

    These fees were intended to be optional and based on people’s ability to support this event. They would have gone to cover the costs of running the festival including providing prasad, equipment costs, travel and donations for kirtan leaders, payment for vital staff (cooks, cleaning services, drivers, recording services, running sound and web broadcast, web archive of kirtans, etc.), and any other support services. This larger Summer event was run in the same manner. These funds are now being raised independently by Mantralogy and the New Vrindavan devotees. Donations are welcome and needed to help support the festival.

    Please call Palace Lodge on 304-843-1600 Ext. 111 for accommodation.

  3. Anadi Krsna dasa says:

    I’m coming with three other devotees from around here in New Goloka Dhama, Hillsborough, North Carolina. We all can hardly wait. No problem at all with the registration fees.

  4. KYRA says:

    New V just got a few million from selling their gas rights..they should pay for the expenses and donate to Gaura Vani and the kirtaneers for travel expenses..etc…what was the point in selling of mother bhumi if they cant give to Lord Caitanias movement

  5. To everyone commenting here.
    When I made my first comment the description of the event was 3 paragraphs long not 1 as you see now. Just after my comments were made the event decription was changed my the website owners.
    So please if you want to have a discussion firt find out from the outhor what was written the first time around before it was changed, so you will see it from my perspective.
    I am not going to reveal to anybody what was written as I have achived my desired result.

  6. Jahnavi says:

    I really appreciate your comments Akincana – thank you for putting such thoughtful points forward.

  7. Akincana Krishna das says:

    Dear Bhakta Prahlada Prabhu,

    There are naturally many expenses in creating a big festival at a facility like New Vrndavana. How do you think water, electricity and building maintenance gets paid for? How about bhoga, gas, pots, pans and other kitchen expenses? If you are happy to chant in a field and fast, great, no expense. But if you want the opulence of chanting in a beautifully maintained temple room, with gorgeously decorated and worshipped Deities, electricity and sound, you should respect that someone worked hard to provide that facility, and that it’s not free.

    There are also devotees who sacrifice lots of time and energy to put on an event like this, some with families. Some devotees have dedicated so much time to kirtan that they have no time for making money – that’s why they’re so good at it, and why we love their kirtans so much. Some of the devotees are very dedicated to preaching and kirtan, and neglect common forms of economic development to try to spread Krishna consciousness. These devotees have to live and eat – some have to provide for dependents. How is that supposed to get paid for? Do we want to take their glorious sacrifices for granted?

    We should all recognize and respect the love and care that others are offering us when we participate in Krishna conscious festivals. It is never Krishna conscious to become the type of miser that takes the generosity of others for granted, feeling entitled to all types of meals and facilities without ever feeling like we should offer something back. Being a selfish freeloader that enjoys temple facilities without offering any type of service in return does not constitute a very high standard of Krishna consciousness.

    We should aspire to become fully-dedicated, selfless servants of Krishna and the Vaisnavas. Especially when Vaisnavas offer us something wonderful, like the opportunity for a kirtan festival, we should be unreservedly eager to reciprocate with their kindness and generosity by reciprocating with as much service as we can offer.

    The organizers have not set a fee for this festival, because they want this festival to reflect the high ideals of pure devotion that His Grace Aindra Prabhu taught and embodied so beautifully. Should we take advantage of their surrender by enjoying a free ride? We could, but there would be nothing Vaisnava about that.

    Aindra Prabhu spoke out against charging for kirtan out of concern for the spiritual integrity of the kirtan leader, so that the leader doesn’t become spoiled by a business mentality of charging for kirtan. He didn’t speak out against charging against kirtan so that other devotees could enjoy the luxury of an expensive festival without ever having to offer any service to help out. If anyone actually appreciates the value of such festivals, and the devotees who make it happen, wouldn’t they want to offer anything and everything they could to help out?

    In The 4th verse of Nectar of Instruction, Srila Rupa Goswami writes:

    dadati pratigrihnati
    guhyam akhyati pricchati
    bhunkte bhojayate caiva
    shad-vidham priti-lakshanam

    Offering gifts in charity, accepting charitable gifts, revealing one’s mind in confidence, inquiring confidentially, accepting prasada and offering prasada are the six symptoms of love shared by one devotee and another.

    Vaisnava loving exchanges are based on these types of dealings. Vaisnavas don’t charge other people for their service, but offer them out of love. But – if someone offers us something out of love, naturally we will want to offer something out of love back!

    Forget the suggested donation the organizers have mentioned to give us a ballpark idea of how much it will cost to accommodate each of us at the festival. They say $50, but I wish I had millions and billions and trillions of dollars to give to them so they had all the money they needed to do the most valuable work of pushing on the sankirtan movement. Give everything you have for festivals like this. Give all of your money, all of your time, all of your energy. Push yourself in your personal spiritual development to achieve real nama ruci and to embody the highest standard of Vaisnava pure devotional ideals so that you can contribute the highest quality chanting possible to this festival. Don’t hold back, don’t take Vaisnavism or the sankirtan movement for granted, don’t be a miser.

    Give your life to the sankirtan movement of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu! That is the mood and spirit of His Grace Aindra Prabhu, Srila Prabhupada and all of our previous acaryas. That is their example. This festival is an incredible opportunity to surrender to the Holy Name of Krishna. Please take it seriously.

    If Aindra Prabhu was here, I’d have no fear to repeat all of these comments to his face personally, as I’m that confident they reflect his feelings.

    Hare Krishna.

    Your servant,
    Akincana Krishna dasa

  8. bhakti lata says:

    Bhakta Prahlad, I believe the fee is for sustainability. I think this is a matter of gladly giving our resources to an event such as this. Besides, it’s a ‘suggested donation’ – if you sincerely cannot or even do not want to pay, then okay. The essence is to come together and chant.

  9. Correct me if I am wrong but when the first 24hour kirtans started there was no fee for tickets and I am sure that every year there is a rollover of funds.
    So my point is you are doing a kirtan in honour of Aindra Prabhu, who was a beacon of light on chanting Hare Krsna, he never made profit on chanting the holy names. His only profit was to get everyone to louldy chant to there Lordships.
    Why not give 100% of all money made to his departemt. Apart from prashad or maybe sound system hire what other ‘expences’ can there be. I am sure devotees would be happy to give there time and expences towards this couse.
    Jai Aindra Prabhu.
    All glories to Guru and Gauranga.

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