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Presenting Ayush: You Heard Him Here First!

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October 1st, 2010

This year at Bhaktifest we were so excited to present our new friend – 12 year old Ayush Sharma from Seattle. He’s not just a fantastic singer – his sweetness and devotion shine through and we are looking forward to seeing him grow and develop. Most of all we can’t wait for him to hurry up and finish school so he can travel around the world spreading his love for kirtan wherever he goes! Keep an eye out for him at the 24 Hour Kartik Kirtan in New Vrindavan, West Virginia this October.

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0 Comments on “Presenting Ayush: You Heard Him Here First!”

  1. Anirudh Dass says:

    Lord Krishna has blessed him with such melodious voice
    Wish, this boy brings bhakti to people in future

  2. Krishna says:

    Hare Krishna !! Cant wait to hear him live !! Pure Devine.

  3. Damodar rati dasi says:

    His singing reminds us so much of the melodious kirtans of HG Harivilas prabhu… now we know who the grooming is coming from! All glories to his parents and leaders of Seattle temple!

  4. Damodar rati dasi says:

    It was so nice to see little Ayush singing like a professional… very moving and inspiring for all of us with little kids. We had no idea you were so talented and devoted to Krishna at the same time when we saw you last…

  5. Shridham says:

    GO AYUSH!! Man, very time I hear you you get so much better!

  6. Radha Divine says:

    He is so Divinely incredible… He brought Tears of Joy to my eyes at bhakti FEST..


  7. Debasish Roy says:

    Hare krishna , All glories to lord krishna . I just feel amazed how a 13 years old kid just sing most spectacular touchy hare krishna maha mantra . I just wish i could be there to be part of it .
    Anyway i am debasish from Bangladesh .

  8. Ghanpriya Devi Dasi says:

    All GLories to Srila Prabhupad! U rock guys.. keep rocking.. Krsna bless..

  9. Anadi Krsna dasa says:

    I witnessed his wonderful kirtans at the Kartik 24-hour Kirtan in New Vrindavana. Absolutely amazing. 13 years old. Wow.

  10. A. Gupta says:

    This is pure Bhakti. Very inspiring. Krsna bless him and his parents.

  11. Hari Das says:

    it’s awesome see that are kids who really has some love and devotion for the lord!!! and more in US where maya has his main base XD

  12. Eduardo fraga says:

    most beloved vaishnavas ,i am one of you. all glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga. nama om visnu padaya radhi

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