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Kirtan t-shirts are here.

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October 23rd, 2008

We’ve been looking to put up some t-shirts for sale on the GauraVani.com store, but couldn’t find any that were cool enough for our kirtaneers. So we had world-class fashion designer,  Antonio Russo, flown in from Italy to come up with four never-before-seen t-shirt styles!

Naw, just kidding. Gaura and Rasa designed them, but they’re still pretty hot. They are available in different cuts for men and for women, and will be printed on American Apparel shirts. Now Available from MerchNow our professional fulfillment center!

4 New Kirtan Shirts from GauraVani.com
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8 Comments on “Kirtan t-shirts are here.”

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  2. Jack says:

    I genuinely enjoyed going through your blog threads, and I’ve added you to my Newsgator RSS.

  3. rasa.acharya says:

    Haribol Aghahanta prabhu,

    Glad you like the site!

    We are a few days away from starting our product fulfillment with a large fulfillment company. They will be well suited to ship to New Zealand. If you just can’t wait (shirts just came in today and look fantastic) then I think we can ship it to you for around $10 via Air Mail. Let me know!


  4. Aghahanta das says:

    Haribol! Nice looking shirts. Just wondering how much shipping to New Zealand would be?
    P.S. I’ve been wanting to say for a long time how much i appreciate your mp3 downloads. This is a very wonderful service for all to hear.

  5. Maaan, i totally had that idea like a few years ago. Mrdangas and Harmonium shirts. You guys beat me to it. Mine has a diff twist so I still might be able to pull it off. Awesome design!

  6. rasa.acharya says:

    Hey Akunthita,
    Thanks for let us know about the store mix up. That’s what happens when you post up things after a 15 hour work day 🙂 It’s fixed now.

    As far as child sizes, we are looking into options. I’ll keep you up to date.
    Hari! Glad you like them.

  7. Akunthita dd says:

    I hate to be a Stacy Stickler, but when you go to the store, the harmonium picture is on the drumatic kirtan labeled shirt and the mrdanga is on the harmonious kirtan shirt. I could be wrong but i think they’re mixed up. Just asking because I do want to order some shirts.

  8. Akunthita dd says:

    Will you have kids sizes. I’m gonna need some drumatic kirtan shirts for my 3 boys. C’mon Gaura you have kids you know how it is.

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