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Debut Album from The Hanumen on iTunes

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May 11th, 2013

The Hanumen are coming to an mp3 player near you. Download the debut album on iTunes
or order a Digipak CD at Mantralogy.com

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This is what the band says about Zydeco Hare Krishna:
Gaura Vani: I love this track so much. It epitomizes the energy of The Hanumen for me. This is also a song we played with the inmates at Oregon State Correctional Facility. I’ll never forget the image of 100 feet stamping in time to the rhythm of the song.
John De KadtFun, super upbeat, so much fun to make because of its spontaneity.
Jahnavi Harrison: I never knew what zydeco fiddle was until I had to try and play it on this track! I love the sound – perfect
for a transcendental knees-up!
Benjy Wertheimer: Every time I listen to this track, it takes me into a unique journey, a moonlit walk in the bayou … and off in the distance I hear the echoes of mantra. Curious, I walk into a small grange hall at the water’s edge and it’s jammed to the rafters with singers and dancers joyously, playfully and energetically surrendering totally to the love of the Divine. What great joy awaits us when we let ourselves go crazily into loving devotion! 

And, here is what the band says about the classic, Wade In The Water:
Jahnavi: I never thought I would get to sing this song on a kirtan album, but I’m so happy we get to explore other forms. I grew up singing devotional songs in Sanskrit, so singing in the English language is a rare treat. I am grateful to Gaura, who made the connection of ‘grief as prayer’ with this piece, between the oppressed slaves in the Deep South, and the ancient Indian heroine, Draupadi, who offered her heartfelt prayer of surrender in a time of acute crisis.
John: I put these various Quatrains of Rumis together to form this poem long before this version of this great gospel song came forth for Gaura’s chest  ….I love how they fit together….praise to the wading.
Puru: I love playing (and hearing) this song. It’s got soul.
Gaura: I feel like we’re helping invent a new style of music. This song brings together some of my favorite elements into one offering – poetry, chant, gospel, rock. I love the way it ends with a transcendent exodus of the soul, like we are witnessing the soul travel out from the body across the “river Jordan” into the Divine World. All traditions share these same metaphors and music is such a powerful way to bring together these images and ideas in a way everyone can relate to. This song is an invitation to deepen our spiritual lives and prepare for the final experience of “wading in the water.”
Benjy: For me this track embodies the beauty and sacredness of how the human spirit can, through devotion and artistic expression, transform some of the most difficult trials and hardships of the human condition into exquisite and moving offerings. Few things satisfy my heart like music that makes me cry … and the metaphor of planting our grief seeds so that they may grow into prayerful works of art and devotion reflects one of the truly great miracles of Grace. This piece also shows the unmistakable soulful link between the strains of Indian raga and the heart-wrenching microtonal expressiveness of the blues, R&B, and especially traditional African-American spirituals.  


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