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Join The Hanumen in Creating Our New Album

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January 5th, 2015

Hanumen's New Album

Hanumen’s Second Album in the Works

Dear Friends,
We are raising $49,401 to pay for making The Hanumen’s new record. The funds will cover the costs of traveling, recording, producing, photography and design. Please give us your prayers and blessings in this endeavor. Our goal is to raise enough money so that we don’t have to borrow so much. That allows us to keep ownership over our music. The more we raise, the less we need to borrow. This way the music continues to support the artists for years to come.
This is the cost breakdown:
~ $24,090 Recording, Mixing, Mastering and CD Design
~ $8,261 Travel and Lodging
~ $17,050 Musicians and Guest Artists

TOTAL: $49,401
Visit HANUMEN.COM to make your donation.

Tax deductible donations can be received through our partnership with Call And Response Foundation. The total includes a 10% donation to Call And Response Foundation. This partnership allows us to extend the benefit of their tax deductible status with you while supporting the important work of C&R that we cherish so much.

Or via mail to: Call And Response Foundation, Attn: Hanumen Recording, PO Box 19941, Sugar Land, TX 77496, USA

Gaura Vani in Studio with the HanumenAre there folks in your community that might be excited to help us create this new album? We are certainly grateful for your financial support, but we are even more grateful if you can help us reach others who might give to our project. There are so many “crowdfunding campaigns” sailing around the internet and social media. We didn’t want to create another one. We thought it best to reach out to our close friends in person. We don’t have a bunch of “perks” to offer, like private concerts, Hanumen themed underwear or gold plated mugs. We just thought maybe we could offer our community one simple perk – a really well-made collection of heart-filled music. Does that sound good?

With all our love and best wishes,

The Hanumen




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