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2016 India Pilgrimage with Radhanath Swami and The Juggernauts

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July 11th, 2015



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0 Comments on “2016 India Pilgrimage with Radhanath Swami and The Juggernauts”

  1. Deacon says:

    You’ve really helped me undtsreand the issues. Thanks.

  2. elena says:

    Hi Claudia!
    Not sure if you already saw, but we will have another retreat in India coming up. http://findthebeloved.vrindavan.com/india-tours/itinerary/

  3. elena says:

    We will! Not exactly sure when, please check back and check our tour announcements.

  4. Claudia Castro says:

    I am interested in learning if you will have another retreat to India next year at the Eco Village? Thank you!

  5. Stan says:

    This is a new piece of information for me. so iiretestnng. Being an Indian even we are unaware of so many things about our religion, traditions and culture. Radhanath Swami’s deep study about this subject matter is really of very great significance. Otherwise it would have never been revealed to us.

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