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Bhajan Boat on the Hudson River – October 25

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October 15th, 2015

bboatWhen I think about boarding the Bhajan Boat in two weeks, my heart starts to swim in joy. A favorite activity of devotees or bhaktas is to gather in places that remind us of Krishna. We do things that attract Krishna to come join us. We re-create the atmosphere spoken about by the saints and sages in ways that imprint our minds with love for each other, for the sweet earth we live upon, and ultimately our Sweet Lords Radha and Krishna. Besides this, what is really valuable in our lives?

The Bhajan Boat is a gift to our family, part of the legacy left by Shyamdas-ji. Treasures given by our elders must be cared for and nurtured to receive their full benefit. Gliding down the sweet waters of Hudson Ma, singing the names of our Beloved, surrounded by our family we are invited to enter in the same spiritual realm inhabited by the many angelic beings who have come throughout millennia to share it with us. I think of the boat as a seed we can climb aboard. That seed is in the process of germinating and slowly it is growing into the forest of Vrindavan right here in our complicated and cacophonous cosmic creation. One day soon our eyes will also pierce beyond the veil and we will see the Sultan of Sweet face-to-face, but until then we climb aboard the holy name together and sing for our lives.
Snacks included 🙂


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