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Free Kirtan MP3s

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March 25th, 2008

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28 Comments on “Free Kirtan MP3s”

  1. avijit says:

    I like the kirtans of sri sachi kumar das prabhu…HARI BOL…JAY GOUR JAY NITAI…NITAI GOUR SITANATH PREMANANDE HARI HARI BOL…

  2. Anupam Das says:

    I Wish Every Success of ISKCON…..

  3. sreevishnu kerala says:

    ur kirtan my soul booster…………kirtan is my life breath………

  4. sreevishnu kerala says:

    ur kirtan my soul booster…………kirtan is my life breath………

  5. u r kirtan is my beat ,,of life of spiritaltyy says:

    u r kirtan is my life soul booster …………plz upload more kirtan…….4 all conditional soul deliver.

  6. Jagai Nitai says:

    Wow!! Just heard Jagai Nitais kirtan! So divine! Like a gandarvika!!

  7. manju says:

    i love your music it’s jusst so plasent to hear

  8. yamraj das says:

    hari bol

  9. deendayal das says:

    hare krsna, i like ur website plz u have any other site so plz send me that link…………..

  10. Gitavali says:

    Love your music and devotion. Kirtan is a way of life. I listen to lots of As Kindred Spirits kirtans: Love Janhavi, Acyuta Gopi, Gaura Vani, etc, You’re all my inspirtation! Many of us kirtaniyas in New Zealand admire you all! Looking forward to hearing new kirtans, more recent kirtans on your website. Jaya Sri Radhe!

  11. keshav says:

    plz gve me some other stes lke this one.

    i have downloaded all the content plz reply quickly

  12. Krishna says:

    C an i get some Bajans and that too in MAYAPUR style ..

  13. Vaisnavi says:

    Like walking in Vrindavan. Thank you and koti koti dandavat pranams.

  14. Manas says:

    Jay visvambhar das prabhu ki jay….

  15. Manas says:

    Life without kirtan is like day without light.

  16. Vishal says:

    May Radha Rani bless you with Krsna’s love !!
    Great service to devotees 🙂

    I liked the Vraja Dham Mantra (Aug 2009) at foll link:


  17. dipankar says:

    thank u..thank u… I’m a fan.!

  18. Ananta Koti vaishnava ki jaya!

  19. hare krishna

    Amazing and so inspiring!
    i hope our kirtaniya in Bali, island of paradise can organize something like this!

    thanks a lot

    ys, dbd

  20. yadav says:

    what agreat task…………

  21. Steve says:

    I just saw Gaura Vani Sat. night……….WOW. Some of the best ecstatic music ever. Amazing. The feeling in the room, the Love, the audience response & participation. These people are the real deal; humble musicians singing and playing Love for (and directly from) the Divine. I could see, and feel, the Power we all sang to invoke, in the room, and certainly up on the stage. Can’t say enough about these musicians.

  22. amala gaura dasa says:

    Wow, 02 Gaura Vani – Hare Krishna (67), from Bhaktivana Kansas is amazing.

  23. Nimai says:


  24. sandeep says:

    jay radhe from gaur vani is amazing ..

  25. Bhaktin Priya says:

    04 Lokanath Swami – Ute Ute Gopala downloaded 1008 times =)

  26. Chaman Puri says:


    I just found your website. It is a great site and some amazing kitans. Thnaks a ton. Continud the good work. May Krishna bless you.

    Chaman and Vinod Puri

  27. mousi no.1 says:

    Thank you for this nice service.

  28. bhakta robin says:

    wow so very rock in ear it is very amazing to me
    hare krsna….your no.1 fans in this site and in the 24 hour kirtan.
    bhakta robin

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