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GauraVani.com is dedicated to presenting and proliferating the music and lifestyle of kirtan, aka mantra music.


The 23rd Hour

I was given the gift of devotional song from birth, raised with the music of the temple, taught to sing and play beautiful instruments and dance for love and for God,” says Gaura Vani. “I am one of a group of children called gurukulis or those raised in the village of the guru. Even as children, we were aware that though it felt like we were partying when we played music, we were in the physical presence of God himself, who danced with us.”

An old friend said he saw me as a baby for the first time, cradled in the arms of my father with a group of devotees, chanting God’s ancient names. Hare. Krishna. Rama. It’s in the blood.

The team at Gauravani.com believes in promoting kirtan through thoughtful and conscious media. If there is anything we can improve upon or something you would like to see, please contact us.

Legal Policy

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