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“Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits are simply the most wonderful kirtan band in the Western world. Listen, sing and be transported.” –Jai Uttal

“Gaura Vani and Kindred Spirits is bringing the ecstatic kirtan traditions of Bhakti yoga to America with full loving force. From Burning Man, to yoga studios, to chanting for change in Washington DC, Gaura Vani is a sacred activist and artist leading the way. Recommended with all my heart.”Shiva Rea

“…Some of the most humble kirtan singers and talented musicians you will ever hear in America. This is music to awaken wild longing in the soul “this is soul music” authentically rocking. Incredible musicianship, rapturous vocals, mystical soundscapes, hand clapping, cymbals smashing; this is rhythm, blues, gospel, harmonium and Hari-Nama too. This band is very hip and very holy.– Sharon Gannon (Co-Founder Jivamukti Yoga)

“This sweet, powerful music transforms the mind, penetrates the heart and awakens the soul. I love it!” Radhanath Swami

“Chanting with Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits is incredibly thrilling. Gaura sings with luminous intensity and the ecstasy is highly contagious. Simultaneously wild and serene, it is an amazing flavor combination.”Dave Stringer

Gaura Vani - Vocals, Harmonium Acyuta Gopi - Vocals

This second album from Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits transforms your heart and fills you with visions of a divine world. Epic and cinematic arrangements, lush vocal harmonies, hypnotic ethnic rhythms and grooves, magical textures and instrumentation. This is kirtan as you’ve never heard it before. Conjuring images from the temple towns of India to the streets of New York City, this album is a journey from the world of “now” to the world of “forever”.

Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits are one of the most sought after kirtan/chant groups in the world. This second album from the ground-breaking group transports us to their divine universe with lush, cinematic arrangements, beautiful vocal harmonies, dynamic ethnic rhythms, and rich textured instrumentation.

Ananta Govinda - Mrdanga Drum Nistha Raj - Violin

Their first album “Nectar of Devotion” is a cult classic – an instant favorite that can be found in the personal collections of yoga’s best and brightest teachers and musicians. Featured on CBS News and NPR All Songs Considered, this kirtan band is taking the ancient traditions of Indian sacred music and carrying it onto the world stage. From the alleys of the temple towns of India, to the streets of Jamaica Queens, NY, the music from Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits is influenced by the diverse musical and personal backgrounds of the artists. This supports the success behind their concerts like, “Chant4Change” a kirtan festival for the presidential inauguration in Washington, DC; a sold out event widely covered by the international press from USA Today and Yoga Journal to South Asian Times.

Vrindarani - Bharatnatyam Shyam Kisore - Sarode

Featured in this summer’s Bhakti Fest, the largest gathering of yoga musicians in the US, Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits are touring both coasts of the US as well as internationally with performances in Brazil, India, Europe, and Africa.


Band Photos by Michael Bahler-Rose.

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  6. I agree with this article. Excellent, Thank!!

  7. homedesigner says:

    Excellence content, Thnks!

  8. Ashish says:

    Does anyone knows, Which is the mantra that is recited at the end of ”The Pirate Song” from this album?
    I just know that it is related to glorification of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Sachinandana). Your reply would be highly appreciated as I am desperate to know it…
    Thank you all,

    Hare Krishna

  9. The author spoke about quite a few engaging points in this post. I came across this by searching Google and I’ve got to admit that I am currently subscribed to the blog site, it is extremely good :)

  10. Hema says:

    Dear Gaura Vani,

    I attended your kirtan at New Govardan temple at Murwillumbah , Australia .

    I am from India living out of India for 13 years . Being with you in the Kirtan transported to me to my childhood home , Tears of joy , happiness and bliss just overflew me .. I couldnt no longer hold my tears and was weeping like i had never had ..

    Thanks for waking up my soul . You also told about the chant.. Om Narayanaya namaha … which Ramanujacharya preached … My Grandfather used to chant this all the time , and remembered by ever loving Grandfather ..

    Thanks a zillion

  11. Krishna says:

    Dear Gaura Vani,

    Your music has power to awake soul and make it addicted to Kirtan !! Hari Bol !!

  12. I really liked your website, I found it in Bing. I recently discovered a reallynifty pdf finder type site, it’s a pdf search engine and I think it is very interesting for people who like reading pdfs

  13. harish gupta gurgaon india says:

    Respected god , bless them all who made it…..

  14. Rolf Sanson says:

    thanks for these explanation. I am moved that you have an realize from all that, nice work for Some fine content that you share on here.

  15. ClassWarrior says:

    Whoda thunk it? Bless you and the band – great stuff! I knew you had it when you were but a wee lad leading the singing in the temple in Denver with Mother Rukmini and Anutama. I am so happy you have found yourself and are doing what is good for you and for the world and for God/Krishna. May you always be who you are!


    ClassWarrior aka Israel

  16. Sudhir says:

    Hare Krsna Gauravani Pr, PAMHO! Thank you very much for your kirtans that arouse intense love for God & great happiness. I can’t help but keep on listening to the sweet melodies. Thanks again!!

  17. devanand says:

    i love this website, excellent kirtan expertly put together wounderful way of gloryfiying the lord
    thank u

  18. meeta says:

    Hare Krishna
    please let me know when will i received the cd which i ordered ten million moons with refrence number #1338474, its now almost 4 months now

  19. eswaran raj says:

    hare krishna

  20. I found your site on yahoo and thought I would drop by and say hey. I like the way your blog is set up. I¡¯ll come back later. I have to go walk my dog right now and take them to potty.

  21. Yadu Kumar says:

    Best Cd ever some of the tracks made me cry bless

  22. Braja Kisora Das says:

    simply wonderfull
    i am also in a spiritual rock band and i don’t have any words to glorify u vaisnavas plz bless us and give us strength so that we also could serve Srila Prabhupada

  23. Kashyap Muni Das says:

    Hari Bol.
    Can you please tell me where is Sharbani mataji? Are there any more kirtans sung by her?

    Hare Krishna.

  24. I am deeply touched by the spirit of this music recorded on Ten Million Moons. Listening to this, I was actually crying, not only once … its awesome
    please bless me, that some of this spirit will also apear in my recordings.

  25. Chaitanya says:

    Hare Krishna!

    Can we expect an India tour?

  26. shanti says:

    let’s come to Bali, Indonesia !!!!!!!
    we’ll waiting ..
    Hare Krishna ^^,

  27. ajay says:

    Just bought the cd in london (soho temple) after having a quick read of the description. Have to say I absolutely love it – the pirate song is amazing and I just cant stop playing it


    Hare Krishna! :o)

  28. sameer says:

    after listening i feel ten million moons are still less…………..!!!!

  29. i am really upset that i couldn’t file the option of getting your shipment of your new album ten million moons to India. Many of the devotees in India are waiting to get their hands on your album !

  30. kalu says:

    I am really happy to be hare. Thanks Provu Path

  31. sagar says:

    i have listen these bhajans & observe the formulation of spiritual power in my own. these bhajan was amazing & i want there full version.


  32. …and your music is spiritual-classical-ecstatic-bliss. Lord Gauranga Himself must be in your midst

  33. Wow, Gauravani. Your new CD, 10 million Moons is awesome. I want to immediately tell everyone about it. I can feel the purity of the expressions of bhakti from all the band members. I place my head in the dust of this divine sound. Congratulations. Sri Krishna is working through you.

  34. Prashanta Debnath says:

    i will be pleased to know who sang the track “bhaja gouranga”

  35. tapash datta says:

    i like this cd so much. thank you all…..
    i am interested to know who is singing the track bhaja gauranga… can anyone confirm, is she a bengali?

  36. Dandavats!

    Hope to hear you in Joshua Tree…


  37. Prashanta Debnath says:

    the tracks touches the heart
    Prashanta Debnath

  38. Harikamala says:

    Hare Krishna we have ure CD and i listen to it every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  39. victor says:

    prabhuji le compre sus discos en baltimore ,son buenisimos ,felicitaciones

  40. rasaraja das says:

    all glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga..

    i just want to say thank you again for giving us ten million moons. every bhajan really captures every devotees hearts.
    thank you so much
    keep on isnpiring us…

    rasaraja das from the philippines

  41. Ananya says:

    My father has always sung the Bhaja Gauranga song and I remember hearing it since my childhood. I’ve searched high and low for the song – through the streets of Calcutta to the multitude of internet websites, but this is the first time I have found the song. So sweetly done in perfect Bengali! Jai Gaura Nitai!!

  42. vidagdha madhava das says:

    This CD has melted my heart. Not often emotional, the Siksastikam Prayers brought me to tears. I feel honored to have heard this in my lifetime. Param vijayate sri-krishna-sankirtanam. You are inspiring us to want to go back to our spiritual home. The beauty of your artwork and music transcends practically anything I have seen or heard before. I am sending a link to your site to everyone I know.

    vidagdha madhava das

  43. Goura Hari Dasa says:

    Dear Gaura Vani,
    whatever you do in music is great. I still listen to the first CD very often. I hope I can get a copy of this new one. I pray we have such a good musician and composer here in CZ. Nice job of combining the classical indian music with the western. Keep up the good work.

    YHS Goura


    there are no words to describe this jewel of cd.


    WHAT EVER KRSNA keep giving Inspiration



  45. Hare Krishna!
    It is amazing.

  46. Jahnabi Barooah says:

    Amazing work! I keep listening to the preview songs on repeat. I can’t wait to hear the full versions come May 19th!

    May you continue to come up with work like this :)


  47. SPRAKASH says:

    the album ten million moon is like a device which brings out the vibration n divinity within you…
    do not miss it….

    it took away my mind when i listen to it….

    dun miss it get a copy of it…

  48. Radha Sakhi says:

    Dear As Kindred Spirits,

    I love your CD soooooooooooooooooo much!
    I don’t think it could ever be better!
    It’s already my favrite………..Can’t wait until the real nectar comes out!
    I won’t stop till I drop! LOL!

    radha sakhi Vrinda

  49. Paresha Das says:

    My Dear Gauravani, I’m very happy with the sound of “Ten Million Moons”. Your kirtan is an example for me. Hey, I loved the photos – it’s like classical india painting produced in Mughal period and court.

    I hope see you as soon as possible.

    Your friend, Paresha Das (Iskcon-Brazil).

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