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Ten Million Moons – The Long-Awaited CD Release Party

Finally, it was time to release the album that we had been working on for the last two and a half years: Ten Million Moons. Eddie Stern’s Asthanga Yoga New York and Sri Ganesha Temple, always being supportive, offered to host the event. It was the perfect venue because it had an Old World ambiance […]

Thursday Night Kirtan at East Village Temple

  There is a revolution building. It started five hundred years ago and has been slowly leaking into cracks and crevices ever since. It’s slow moving, but very patient. It needs no one to thrive, but a chosen few are given the gift of being able to spread it. This revolution uplifts the heart and […]

Time to say good Braai! – Final Day in South Africa

  Our last concert completed, we woke the next morning to face our final day in South Africa. As with every day, the sun rose high in the clear blue sky. One of the best things about such reliable good weather, is being able to do so much outside. As a final farewell, our hosts […]

Living the Jozi Life: Dinner at Nanda Kishor’s House

A couple days before we were scheduled to leave South Africa, we had a day free to just spend time with our hosts and see some of the city sights. Many of us had family members eagerly awaiting a little taste of South Africa upon our return, so first we headed into the centre of […]