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Nityananda – A Single from The Mayapuris

Here’s one of the most Beautiful offerings I’ve heard in quite some time. The way The Mayapuris have layered the sounds and allowed the track to slowly bloom like a lotus, pulls us like a tractor beam into another dimension where Lord Nityananda reigns as the all worshipful Lord. Hearing this track reminded me again […]

Mantralogy Spring 2010 Magalog

In the summer of 2009, some of our Mantralogy crew members, including Gaura Vani and the Mayapuris, toured the USA. On one long drive we all discussed what it would take to make the fast—growing kirtan music “scene” stronger. Some of us have roots in the early 90’s punk rock, which relied heavily on zines, […]

February 12 Hour Kirtan MP3s

Enjoy these photos and MP3s from the second monthly 12 Hour Kirtan at the Bhakti Center. This 12 Hour Kirtan was a meditation on Sri Chaitanya who is the founder of the modern kirtan movement. Join us at the 3rd 12 Hour Kirtan on March 20th 2010 with special guests The Mayapuris. To listen, click […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: Janmashtami in London

After many weeks touring in the US, we travelled to England for the world renowned Janmashtami (Krishna’s birthday) festival. This celebration is held all over the world, but this one continues to be the biggest outside India, with almost 70,000 attending this year. Colourful tents and stages are set up over the 80 acre property […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: Yoga Glo!

After the fun of the trance dance at Zanzibar, we were eager for our next evening with Shiva, MC Yogi and DJ Drez. This time we were at Yoga Glo, a very big yoga studio in Santa Monica that doubles as a studio to film yoga classes in HD quality. These are then sent out […]

Gaura Vani featured in the Boston Globe

By Tripp Underwood Globe Correspondent / September 18, 2009 Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits were featured in the music section of the Boston Globe on September 18th 2009. The article ran in the printed paper as well as their website. Gaura Vani, a Hare Krishna musician who combines traditional Indian kirtan music with Western […]

Mantralogy Tour Recordings

What you’ve all been waiting for… New, fresh kirtans from around the world. This is a part of the recordings from the Mantralogy Tour with Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits along with the Mayapuris. You’ll find many other special guests on the recordings such as Madhava Prabhu, MC Yogi and many others. Our apologizes […]

Mantralogy Tour: Trouble on the way to Tahoe

Stopping yet again to fill up on gas, hot air blasted into the car. Moving gradually westward, we’d finally reached the dry state of Utah. ‘This must be some kind of hell,’ someone complained. We were all hot, tired and after fifteen hours of driving, pretty cranky. We piled back in and continued driving. Suddenly, […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: Kansas to Denver

After another gruelling drive, we reached the oasis of Bhaktivana, the rural home of our friends Gopimata and Ankotta in Lawrence, Kansas. We also met the Krishna Culture festival tour bus there, who had been busy preparing a wonderful feast for all of the guests attending the kirtan. Bhaktivana is home to a wonderful family, […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: DC to Toronto

Putting lemons under our tyres for good luck, we set off from Gaura’s home in DC in high spirits. Ten sandwiches, six rest stops and a box of granola bars later and we reached New York, where we performed two very different shows – opening for a fundraising evening at Club Le Royale, and then […]

Equal Vision Records Announces Mantralogy

This press release was just circulated: In a move that returns one of the nation’s most reputable punk and hardcore labels to its roots, Equal Vision Records has announced the creation of its new label division, Mantralogy. The sub-label will showcase kirtan and a variety of other sacred and meaningful musics for both the flourishing […]