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Rutgers University Loves Kirtan

Last week was our second visit to Rutgers University. We were invited by Aksh Sharma, one of the facilitators of the Bhakti Club, and a good friend of ours. Over 220 students filled a large hall as Gaura Vani, The Mayapuris and Acyuta Gopi started the night with stories of the Ramayan and beautiful chants. […]

February 12 Hour Kirtan MP3s

Enjoy these photos and MP3s from the second monthly 12 Hour Kirtan at the Bhakti Center. This 12 Hour Kirtan was a meditation on Sri Chaitanya who is the founder of the modern kirtan movement. Join us at the 3rd 12 Hour Kirtan on March 20th 2010 with special guests The Mayapuris. To listen, click […]

MP3s and Photos from the January 12 Hour Kirtan

It’s been too long since we’ve posted some recordings on GauraVani.com. As things have been getting bigger, so have the pressures of keeping it all running. Accounting, planning, recording and events have sucked up our time. But hopefully we’ve gotten into a rhythm that makes time to do what’s important, keep the kirtan flowing. Here […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: The Final Stop – Bhaktifest

Our last three days of the Mantralogy Tour were spent in Joshua Tree, California, where a large gathering of kirtaniyas and yogis was being held. Joshua Tree is a beautiful place – a desert studded with strange, shaggy, Dr Seuss-like trees and cactuses. At the retreat centre where the festival was held, tents were set […]

Spring Down Under

After a 24 hour journey we finally reached Australia! It’s spring here and the beauty of the season is completely enchanting – magenta sprays of bougainvillea, clustered lilac jacaranda trees with branches like embroidered thread, long carob pods, and brilliant red flame trees. We’ve tried to just relax today but went down to a local […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: Back at Burning Man!

No sooner had we arrived back in LA (via a blink and you’ll miss it stop in London), and we were preparing to return to the Nevada desert, where we’d attended our first Burning Man festival last year. Burning Man is an avant garde creative arts party/rave/music festival that is attended by thousands from all […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: Janmashtami in London

After many weeks touring in the US, we travelled to England for the world renowned Janmashtami (Krishna’s birthday) festival. This celebration is held all over the world, but this one continues to be the biggest outside India, with almost 70,000 attending this year. Colourful tents and stages are set up over the 80 acre property […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: Bottoms up at the Bhakti Bar!

After a long period in Los Angeles, we traveled to San Francisco for a very special event arranged by our friend, Andrew Zenoff. He is a recently converted kirtan addict, and had been thinking hard for a while as to how he could share his passion with others. He came up with the idea of […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: Yoga Glo!

After the fun of the trance dance at Zanzibar, we were eager for our next evening with Shiva, MC Yogi and DJ Drez. This time we were at Yoga Glo, a very big yoga studio in Santa Monica that doubles as a studio to film yoga classes in HD quality. These are then sent out […]

Mantralogy Tour 2009: Zanzibar Trance Dance

To celebrate the final night of a teacher training course being run by Shiva Rea in Los Angeles, we were invited to come and play alongside MC Yogi and DJ Drez at a hip downtown club called Zanzibar. It was a beautiful venue, decorated in an ornate Middle Eastern style. In the green room we […]

Gaura Vani featured in the Boston Globe

By Tripp Underwood Globe Correspondent / September 18, 2009 Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits were featured in the music section of the Boston Globe on September 18th 2009. The article ran in the printed paper as well as their website. Gaura Vani, a Hare Krishna musician who combines traditional Indian kirtan music with Western […]