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Nityananda – A Single from The Mayapuris

Here’s one of the most Beautiful offerings I’ve heard in quite some time. The way The Mayapuris have layered the sounds and allowed the track to slowly bloom like a lotus, pulls us like a tractor beam into another dimension where Lord Nityananda reigns as the all worshipful Lord. Hearing this track reminded me again […]

Join The Hanumen in Creating Our New Album

Dear Friends, We are raising $49,401 to pay for making The Hanumen’s new record. The funds will cover the costs of traveling, recording, producing, photography and design. Please give us your prayers and blessings in this endeavor. Our goal is to raise enough money so that we don’t have to borrow so much. That allows us […]

Help Hanumen Record Their First Album

Click HERE to find out how you can help Hanumen with the album recording project.  Also, check out Hanumen interview and performance videos in the Bhakti Beat Magazine Connect with the Hanumen on Facebook. The project is supported by the Call and Response Foundation, a non profit bringing mantra music to wider audiences and Mantralogy, […]

24 Hour Kirtan MP3s Are Here!

Free MP3s from the Kartik 24 Hour Kirtan have been posted by Mantralogy. Get’em while they’re hot here: Mantralogy.com

New Putumayo CD features ‘Moods of Kirtan’!

Check out the new Putumayo ‘Yoga’ compilation – a new mix from the popular world music record label created especially for yoga classes and meditation. Our track ‘Moods of Kirtan’ features alongside tracks from artists like Susheela Raman, Krishna Das, Niraj Chag and Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band. We’re excited that they chose […]

24 Hour Kirtan Photos and MP3s

Enjoy these high quality recordings from the 24 Hour Kirtan (Summer 2010) as well as select black and white photos from photographer Rasa Acharya. Listen to and download the kirtans here. Read More…

February 12 Hour Kirtan MP3s

Enjoy these photos and MP3s from the second monthly 12 Hour Kirtan at the Bhakti Center. This 12 Hour Kirtan was a meditation on Sri Chaitanya who is the founder of the modern kirtan movement. Join us at the 3rd 12 Hour Kirtan on March 20th 2010 with special guests The Mayapuris. To listen, click […]

Roots & Wings Tour Recordings

Right after leaving the West Coast, we headed out to the North East for a tour with our friend, the drummer and poet, John de Kadt. John plays a huge variety of percussion instruments from all over the world, and is a gifted reciter of both his own poetry, as well as that of Sufi […]

10 Days of 24 Hour Kirtan Recordings – Day 10

The last and final posting of recordings from the 24 Hour Kirtan. Special thanks to Sri Rama who stayed up all night and managed the recordings and tracked the singers names. Hope you see you next year. Stay tuned for a special black and white photo series coming soon on GauraVani.com! The last MP3s uploaded […]

10 Days of 24 Hour Kirtan Recordings – Day 9

Today’s new kirtan uploads are by Ramananda Das (Sandy Ridge, NC), Ramadas Das (Washington DC), Kalindi Dasi (Chicago/Dallas) and Ankit Das.

10 Days of 24 Hour Kirtan Recordings – Day 8

Today’s kirtans are by Bhakta Kevin (New Jersey), Nitilam Dasi, Priya Dasi (Montreal), Tirthapada Das.