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Archive for September, 2008

Unity Walk DC – Photos and Kirtan MP3s

Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits were honored to be a part of the 9/11 Unity Walk 2008 since it’s inauguration in 2005.

Philly Ratha Yatra Kirtan MP3s and Photos

This year’s Philadelphia Ratha Yatra was amazing. The weather was perfect and the mood was relaxed and festive. The organizers were on top of everything and the food was incredible. Have we used enough adjectives? Our friends, The Mayapuris and Tribhangi, also came up from Alachua, FL so we all got to play on stage […]

Burning Man Kirtan Photos and MP3s

We survived through Burning Man! Burning Man was, well, fun yet rough. We had some amazing kirtans and met some wonderful people. The last two days were full on dust storms which kept us from singing too much though. Enjoy these recordings of Visvambhar and Gaura Vani. View the Larger Photos Here! Gaura Vani – […]

Global Mala 08 – Kirtan Videos and Pictures

The Global Mala Project is a worldwide effort spearheaded by Shiva Rae, Sean Corne, Michael Franti, and yogis, yoga studios, performers and activists around the world. Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits were featured performers for this year’s Second Annual DC Global Mala, which coincided with the Fall Equinox and UN International Peace Day (Sunday, […]

Community Forum

Site Update! We’ve released our Community forum section of the site. This is for everybody and anybody who loves Kirtan, want’s to share about Kirtan or has questions about Kirtan. To log in, simply go to www.gauravani.com/forum and then click register. Once registered you can create and reply to posts, share pictures and anything else […]

Narasingha Kirtan Video (Pune)

WHAT HAPPENED? I love this kirtan. This video has been a really popular download on the web for a while and we are adding it to our collection here. One note right at the top here, His Holiness Radhanath Swami is the one who directed this whole mad, mad, mad affair. All credit goes to […]

Kirtan for Radhastami (Sri Radha’s Birthday)

Radhastami – Washington, DC The day was Radha’s birthday – when all her honeybees get the blessing of seeing her sacred feet and getting her blessings. I was lucky enough to be in the presence of Radha Madana-Mohan at the temple in Potomac, MD. The kirtans were amazing. When the whole temple lifts their voices […]

Kirtan Downloads from Karuna Shakti Yoga

Some more Kirtan recordings from our second show in Upstate NY. We were honored to stay with and perform for our friends Saci Suta, Keli Lalita, Raghunath and Bridget and their amazing and large familes. Karuna Shakti Yoga

Kirtan from Satya Yoga

A few weeks ago we performed in Upstate New York with our good friend and amazing yoga teacher Raghunath.  We also recorded the performance for your kirtan thirsty ears. Satya Yoga – Rhinebeck NY