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Archive for October, 2008

Essential Kirtan Yoga Workshop MP3s and Pictures

“The Essential Kirtan and Yoga Workshop” was led by Raghunath, Gaura Vani, Keli Lalita and Balaram-chandra. It was a magical experience for all of us. About 20 people attended throughout the weekend and we were all uplifted and transformed by the deep mystical practices and divine friendships we developed. Thank you to all who took […]

Kirtan MP3s and Photos from VCU

The VCU show on Oct. the 18th was great fun. Our good friend Gauri, a PHD student at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), invited us to perform as guests of the Yoga Education Student Orginization (YESO). The turnout was a little less then expected due to an unforseen student holiday that occured over the weekend, but […]

Kirtan t-shirts are here.

We’ve been looking to put up some t-shirts for sale on the GauraVani.com store, but couldn’t find any that were cool enough for our kirtaneers. So we had world-class fashion designer,  Antonio Russo, flown in from Italy to come up with four never-before-seen t-shirt styles! Naw, just kidding. Gaura and Rasa designed them, but they’re […]

Baltimore Yoga Village – Kirtan and Photos

Saturday, we were welcomed at Baltimore Yoga Village for a spirited and interactive performance. Gaura brought his kids, who were eager to dance for everyone and Vrinda taught us all some fun Bharata Natyam steps. When the kirtan got going, all were equipped to move…with style! Check out the pics and kirtan recordings from that […]

Kirtan Recordings from Sacred Sounds

Our monthly Sacred Sounds program was great. The Kirtan was great as you’ll hear below and the discussion on “Spiritual Economics: Staying conscious during financial hardships” went well beyond the allotted time. The potluck dinner was also amazing. The next Sacred Sounds program is at Gaura’s House on Saturday Nov. 1st starting at 6:00 pm. […]

Kirtan MP3s and Photos from Studio Serenity

On Friday night, we spent some time with our old friends at Studio Serenity. The energy was calm and meditative until we decided that it was time to get our groove on. It wasn’t long before everyone was on their feet! We recorded and uploaded all the kirtan from that night. Take a look! Gaura […]

Diwali Kirtan at the National Cathedral

Welcoming the Sacred Feminine in a Celebration of Diwali Diwali program 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm Free and open to the public The Hindu-Vaishnav harvest festival of Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil and marks the start of the New Year. Small twinkling earthen lamps called “divas” are lit […]