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Archive for November, 2008

Nova Gokul Brazil – 24 Hour Kirtan 2008

  A few weeks ago, Gaura went down to South America for the Brazilian Festival of India and 24  Hour Kirtan, so we are all learning a little bit of Portugese (estamos aprendendo o português).

Lunch at Gopa and Kishori’s House

“You know, people don’t usually check in at three-fifty in the morning…” the clerk at the hotel sat behind the desk looking at Gaura incredulously as I shifted my weight side to side on my feet in the middle of the hotel lobby. The overweight clerk looked exasperated as he attempted to look up the […]

First Ever Princeton University Diwali Kirtan

“This is the first hindu program to ever be held in the chapel” Vineet, the organizer of the Diwali celebration that night said enthusiastically while we set up the stage for the program that night. I looked around thinking they had gotten the name wrong. What they called a “chapel” was as much a cathedral […]

Photos and Recordings from Astanga Yoga NYC Kirtan

  Walking up the stairs to the second floor yoga studio of Astanga Yoga NYC on 430 Broome Street felt like I was going home in a way. During previous months some of the As Kindred Spirits group were holding kirtan programs there every other Friday. I felt apprehensive and enthusiastic all at the same […]

East West Yoga Studio NYC – New York, NY – 11/13/08 – East West Yoga

Pay as you can! Basic $10.00Enthusiast $15.00Kirtaniya $20.00

NYC Kirtan Action

My car was broken into this morning. The car was parked on 1st Ave., just outside the East Village Temple (Sanctuary Ashram). I almost saw it happen. I was just a moment to late. I stepped out of the building to move my car for street cleaning and I heard the car alarm go off. […]