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Archive for January, 2009

Kirtan at the East Village Temple

All I knew was that Gaura was coming and there would be kirtan, and that was enough for me. Other people who were attending the kirtan program knew more than I did and had been asking me questions all along that I didn’t have the answers to, so finally I asked Ananta that Saturday morning. […]

Flow Yoga Kirtan with Daphne Tse

  We are always making new friends that influence our music in completely different and inspiring ways. One of these new friends is Daphne Tse, a talented musician who sings kirtans, as well as her own original music. She is currently working on her full length album in Bali, Indonesia and will be in Washington, DC […]

Pacifica WPFW 89.3FM – Kirtan Radio Show

Gaura Vani and Hari Kirtan joined Gladys Brooks for the From the Vault for the Community radio show on WPFW. What were they doing there? Kirtan, of course! Check out these pictures or download segments of the show.

Kirtan for the Radiant Heart

Not 24 hours after we arrived home from our amazing trip to South Africa, we had a wonderful evening kirtan at our friend Gopi’s Radiant Heart Retreat. Jagai Nitai played mrdanga and Syam Kishore strummed the sitar.

Download 604 Vrindavan Kirtans!

Here they all are, over 20 GB of MP3s for your downloading pleasure. Many thanks to our good friend from Slovenia, Krishnapada das, offered us his collection of MP3s to host for free download.  He is also managing the Community section of GauraVani.com and has given us even more Aindra Kirtans which we are sorting […]

Time to say good Braai! – Final Day in South Africa

  Our last concert completed, we woke the next morning to face our final day in South Africa. As with every day, the sun rose high in the clear blue sky. One of the best things about such reliable good weather, is being able to do so much outside. As a final farewell, our hosts […]

Kirtan at Bikram Yoga – Randburg, South Africa

  The day before we left South Africa, we had our final kirtan concert at the Bikram Yoga Studio in Randburg, another suburb of Johannesburg, not far from where we were staying.  This concert was quite different from the others. The setting was less formal, and the audience was made up of a more varied […]

Kirtan at the Gandhi Hall – Lenasia, South Africa

Our penultimate concert in South Africa took place at the Gandhi Hall in Lenasia, a suburb of Johannesburg. The ISKCON temple is also situated in Lenasia, so much of the audience was made up of congregation, friends, family and supporters of the temple. However, our hosts had also been hard at work selling tickets and […]