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Archive for February, 2009

36 Hour Kirtan at the Raval Family Home

For most people, when they are told that they should fast on a certain day or give up certain foods as a sacrifice to God, they think of it as a burden and spend the entire day thinking of all of the good foods that they are missing and they think about the ways that […]

Live Webcast from East Village Temple

Join our live webcast right now (4:30 pm EST, 2/21/09).

Live Webcast from the Ravals

We are happy to bring you a live webcast of the Kirtan tonight, 2/20/09 from the Raval’s home. These five brothers that live together host an annual kirtan festival which is going on right now. The main kirtan will begin at 6pm EST and continue ALL NIGHT! Tune in here:

Chant4Change: Inaugural Kirtan Festival

I awoke to the sounds of stomping feet and beating drums. There was a contagious buzz already surrounding the group the morning of the event. Gaura’s house was filled with busy people. Some were rehearsing, some were ironing, some were rushing from here to there to help with the preparations for the event but everyone […]

Kirtan in Princeton

We rang in the New Year at Radha Govinda Mandir with kirtan, and spent the first day of the New Year doing kirtan in Princeton, NJ. It was the first time that I was able to attend the program, even though the devotees there have the program monthly. The room was small but we were […]

Rocking in the New Year at Radha Govinda Mandir

  Midnight came not with the striking of a clock, but with the blowing of a conch-shell. The auspicious sound rang through the temple room of Radha Govinda Mandir and announced that a new year had come. Everyone began to dance as the kirtan started. It soon became a kirtan where no one led and […]