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Juggernauts in India this February Sun, 04 Feb 2018 16:55:46 +0000





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India Kirtan Adventure – January 15 to 28, 2018 Sat, 24 Jun 2017 18:45:38 +0000

Have you always wanted to go to India, but had some trepidation about embarking on the journey? If so, this is the trip for you!

Let go of your fear and know that you’ll be in the best of hands with Gaura Vani and Rukmini! Both have multiple years of experience (more than we can count!) and have actually lived in India in the past. Be assured that you will be taken care of, you’ll always feel safe, you’ll stay in lovely accommodations, eat delicious food and visit places that will give you a deep and profound experience of India…not just the “tourist version”. If you want to see the sights and hear the stories and chant along with the Kirtan that bring the feeling of Bhakti alive then we invite you to join us!

We promise you will come back home with an open heart and a new perspective on life!

The link HERE will take you to the information form. Contact or +1 (240) 447-0245 for further questions. Click on “Read More” down below to see the trip itinerary.

Our itinerary will be as follows:

14 days/13 nights

January 15-28

Mon. 1/15 Arrive in Mumbai

Tues. 1/16 Travel to Aurangabad

Wed. 1/17 Aurangabad

Thurs. 1/18 Aurangabad

Fri. 1/19 Travel to Nasik

Sat 1/20 Nasik

Sun. 1/21 Nasik

Mon. 1/22 Travel to Govardhan Eco Village

Tues. 1/23 GEV

Wed. 1/24 GEV

Thur. 1/25 GEV

Fri. 1/26 Travel to Mumbai

Sat. 1/27 Flower Festival

Sun. 1/28 Check out/Fly out

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Hanumen August-September 2017 Concerts and Retreats Fri, 02 Jun 2017 13:46:09 +0000 Hi Friends! We’re keeping the annual tradition going and gearing up for another great summer on the road. New York, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California. We’ll be hosting our traditional Hanumania! retreat on Aug 25-27 in (new address) Newry, Maine, as well as the Yoga Mandali retreat on Aug 11-13 in Rosendale, NY. We’ll also sing at the Omega Ecstatic Chant on Sept 1-4 and the BhaktiFest on Sept 6-11. Scroll down or click HERE for all tour dates. Come out to dance with us and bring friends 🙂

As always, our BIG thanks to Call And Response Foundation for organizing the tour and taking care of us so nicely!

2017 Tour Dates:
Thursday August 10, Kirtan, 7:30pm Yoga Mandali, Saratoga Springs, NY

Friday August 11-13, Yoga Mandali Retreat, Lifebridge Sanctuary Rosendale NY

Wednesday August 16, Kirtan 7:30pm Kripalu, 57 Interlaken Rd Stockbridge MA

Friday August 18, Kirtan 7:30pm Raven’s Wing Yoga, 7:30pm, Branford CT
19 S Main St Branford CT 06405

Saturday August 19, Kirtan 7:30pm Roots to Wings Yoga, 76 Newburyport Turnpike Newburyport MA 01951

Sunday August 20 Kirtan 7pm The Funky Om, 195 E Main St, Huntington, NY 11743

Tuesday August 22 7:30 The Funky Om, 195 E. Main St, Huntington NY 11743

Thursday August 24 7:30 Kirtan Nobleboro ME

Friday August 25-27 Hanumania Northboro ME

Friday September 1-4 Omega Ecstatic Chant, Rhinebeck NY

Friday September 8-10 Bhaktifest, Joshua Tree CA

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Nityananda – New Single from The Mayapuris Tue, 11 Apr 2017 16:01:41 +0000 Here’s one of the most Beautiful offerings I’ve heard in quite some time. The way The Mayapuris have layered the sounds and allowed the track to slowly bloom like a lotus, pulls us like a tractor beam into another dimension where Lord Nityananda reigns as the all worshipful Lord. Hearing this track reminded me again of how powerful sound is and how especially spiritual sound can be a gateway to spiritual world. This is a must listen!
The track is available here:
Link to video preview:

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Bhakti Immersion Kirtan Festival May 18-21 Fri, 17 Mar 2017 16:52:04 +0000 It has become a wonderful annual tradition for me to take part in a Bhakti Yoga Retreat at Sivananda Ashram Bahamas with His Grace Radhanath Swami. Although Maharaj is unable to attend this year, we’re keeping the the tradition going. This year, we bring amazing kirtaniyas, who are very dear to my heart, together to this paradisal island for kirtan, storytelling, philosophy, and workshops. Who is coming: Vish, Vrinda, Ananta, Janaki, Acyuta Gopi, Puru, my daughter Revati, and yours truly. Click here to read more about the event and to register. You don’t want to miss it!

Pristine white sand, crystal blue waters, lush tropical gardens, daily yoga practice, excellent vegetarian food – all of that and much more is offered by Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas. It’s a combination of a traditional ashram with the feel of a Caribbean resort. An unforgettable experience.

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Hanumen to Headline Bali Spirit Festival Fri, 06 Jan 2017 17:51:58 +0000 YOGA DANCE MUSIC
Ubud, Bali, March 19-26, 2017

Join the Hanumen at one of the world’s most inspiring celebrations of global community, world music, and well-being taking place on the idyllic island of Bali. The Bali Spirit Festival embodies the core mantra of Balinese Hinduism – Tri Hita Karana – to live in harmony with our spiritual, social, spiritual, social, and natural environments.

Through the traditions of yoga, dance, healing, and world music, the Bali Spirit Festival attracts over 7000 people from all over the world every year. The 5-day, 7-night Festival offers you a wide range of events to choose from between 8am – 11pm each day over 1 week, from March 19th – 26th 2017. Click HERE for tickets and more information.

On offer are: interactive workshops & seminars, a lively community market & healing center, a children’s activity zone, yoga classes and vibrant night time programs of live Bhakti and world music concerts, set among the picturesque rice-fields of Ubud, Bali.

Click HERE for tickets and more information.


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Find The Beloved – Bhakti Pilgrimage to India 2017 Sat, 15 Oct 2016 18:29:22 +0000 india17Bhakti Pilgrimage January 21 – February 3, 2017
This is becoming a tradition for me to start a new year with a pilgrimage to India. This time, Vish and I – or the Juggernauts, as many of you know us – are joining the amazing Vallabhdas and Madan Mohan for the Bhakti Pilgrimage tour. Spaces are still available, and we invite YOU, our dear Friends, to join us. We will be visiting the splendid Govardhan Eco Village and hear from Radhanath Swami. Then, we’ll be off to Mumbai for the spectacular Flower Festival. Then we will visit Rajastan with its legendary lakes and palaces.

Click here for more details about the itinerary.

Pilgrimage dates are January 21 – February 3, 2017.
$2,700 covers all accommodations, domestic travel and meals. Please visit the Find the Beloved website for more information and to register.

This is a great way to start a new year, and let’s share this experience together.


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His Holiness The Dalai Lama Sends His Blessings for CHANT4CHANGE Mon, 03 Oct 2016 23:56:39 +0000 dl1cHis Holiness The Dalai Lama has sent us a letter with his blessings for CHANT4CHANGE.

Click on the-dalai-lama-chant4change-letter to read it.

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Hanumen Summer Retreats and Tour Thu, 05 May 2016 14:48:49 +0000 Hanumen Hariiiiibol!

Join The Hanumen this summer for any (or all) of 3 amazing weekend retreats for old school community gatherings immersed in nature and song. At these beautiful heartfelt events there will be lots of swimming in beautiful lakes and chanting and story and poetry and kayaking and more. These have become annual love fests of music, beauty, bhakti and fun.

July 14-17 ~ Hanumania in Damarisscotta ME.
July 22-24 ~ the Adirondacks. Camp Sagamore NY.
Aug 1-5 ~ Kripalu Center, MA / Rasa Vinyasa with the epic Shiva Rea.

They are booking up quick!

The summer tour will also include concerts in: Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Maine, Vermont, Los Angeles and Oregon.
Tour dates: July 9 – August 24

For the tour and retreat info visit BandsInTown or Facebook or
Also see the postcard to get the contact info for each retreat.

Hanumen Retreats


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Chant4Change 2016: October 8 at Lincoln Memorial Fri, 22 Jan 2016 19:56:31 +0000  


Raise your voice in song to heal the soul of America with thousands from across the social, political and religious spectrum. Celebrate our diversity from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. King spoke his dream aloud to the world more than 50 years ago.

The noise of this year’s presidential elections is loud and divisive. And the volume is increasing. If you love your neighbor without consideration of their religion, politics, race, sex, age, economic status, it may seem there is no place for your voice to be heard. Chant music has long powered revolutionary action from Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr.. Chant4Change is “conscious action” – an alternative to the negativity.

On 10/08, one month before Election Day, thousands will gather on the steps of the iconic Lincoln Memorial and raise their voices in unity, peace and harmony to celebrate and heal our nation. Featuring legendary musicians, thought leaders, social activists, spiritual and religious leaders, Chant4Change can harness the unprecedented attention from the media on Washington, DC and focus it on a universal message of healing, brotherhood and faith.

Find us on Facebook and share with friends

Chant4Change official website

Watch Gaura Vani and Gopi’s VIDEO about Chant4Change at the Lincoln Memorial

The event is free, but we encourage you to pledge your attendance. Click HERE to register.

We also have various levels of sponsorship (starting at only $35). Click HERE to learn about sponsorship.

Chant4Change promotional packet is available to view HERE

* * *

Chant4Change 2016 Lincoln Memorial: Poem by Gaura Vani:

Chant4Change is needed now
More than ever it seems somehow
Paris and Cali like ringing alarms
We must pull Sita from Ravana’s arms

The voice of the soul lifted in song
With prayerful hearts and intention strong
The names of the Divine upon our lips
Can lift the tide and with it all ships

We need your voice and 5000 more
As we knock on history’s sacred door
From the steps where “the dream” was spoken out loud
Where Martin addressed the American crowd

Yet all ears listened that day, and now
We hear our own voice joining his vow
A simple act gives us each our role
Singing together to heal the soul

We are not young, we are not old
We are not the stories we have been told
Nor social classes, sexes, or economic station
Not from one religion, not from one nation

We are the soul, the conscious spark
That light dispels the fear of dark
And when 5000 souls come to sing their prayers
That sound touches heaven from Lincoln’s stairs


Together we shall Chant4Change.
Ocbober 8, 2016. Washington D.C.
Find us on Facebook and share with friends




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Call and Response Foundation – Annual Appeal Mon, 23 Nov 2015 01:31:43 +0000 Picture 1As you know, I have been working with The Call and Response Foundation for several years now. During this season of giving – giving thanks, giving gifts – please consider supporting the Call and Response Foundation’s unparalleled service to the mantra music community. Donations can include, and are not limited to: money, electronics, vehicles, gift cards. Please click HERE to learn more and to contribute.
Thank you. Haribol!

~From the letter by The Call and Response Foundation ~
One of the most important things we can do as human beings is to engage in work that has a positive impact on the lives of others. The Call and Response Foundation is dedicated to serving others by awakening the heart through the healing power of mantra music. We need your help to continue doing this work.

The work we do creates opportunities for transformation.

Whether it’s incarcerated individuals, folks with disabilities, or college students, Call and Response Outreach events touch people in meaningful ways. Whatever our background, we all share the need to be soothed, cared for, and seen as a reflection of something good. We all long to connect to something that is greater than the circumstances of our lives.

Sometimes, all it takes is one moment — one encounter to change everything.  The Call and Response Foundation is dedicated to providing as many of those moments as possible by engaging in outreach events around the country and promoting the healing power of mantra music.

Our Outreach Program has been offering hope regularly to inmates and the recovery community around the country. We need your help to keep this important project alive!

Why do these populations need your support?

The Call and Response Foundation affirms the sacred worth of every human being without exceptions.

The healing effects of kirtan benefit the individual and society.

A growing body of medical research suggests that kirtan positively influences the mind-body relationship.  Some combat veterans are now relying on kirtan to help them with PTSD (Posttraumatic stress disorder) and re-entry into civilian life. In prison, as in the military, trauma and stress are a part of everyday life, often compounding already existing problems.  Kirtan music reduces anxiety and depression and helps to counteract the effects of trauma.  It heals wounds and re-awakens lost hope, reminding everyone of what is true and whole in them.  That’s the kind of work that serves us all.

Our Sacred Sounds events at Universities help students and faculty find inspiration and manage the stress of college life. The responses received from college students has been astounding and we need your help to keep these programs going.

You can make a difference in the lives of inmates, the recovery population, Veterans and students.

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Bhajan Boat on the Hudson River – October 25 Thu, 15 Oct 2015 18:17:42 +0000 bboatWhen I think about boarding the Bhajan Boat in two weeks, my heart starts to swim in joy. A favorite activity of devotees or bhaktas is to gather in places that remind us of Krishna. We do things that attract Krishna to come join us. We re-create the atmosphere spoken about by the saints and sages in ways that imprint our minds with love for each other, for the sweet earth we live upon, and ultimately our Sweet Lords Radha and Krishna. Besides this, what is really valuable in our lives?

The Bhajan Boat is a gift to our family, part of the legacy left by Shyamdas-ji. Treasures given by our elders must be cared for and nurtured to receive their full benefit. Gliding down the sweet waters of Hudson Ma, singing the names of our Beloved, surrounded by our family we are invited to enter in the same spiritual realm inhabited by the many angelic beings who have come throughout millennia to share it with us. I think of the boat as a seed we can climb aboard. That seed is in the process of germinating and slowly it is growing into the forest of Vrindavan right here in our complicated and cacophonous cosmic creation. One day soon our eyes will also pierce beyond the veil and we will see the Sultan of Sweet face-to-face, but until then we climb aboard the holy name together and sing for our lives.
Snacks included 🙂


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Devotees at The Bhakti Center NYC Featured in a Hollywood Indie Film Wed, 26 Aug 2015 23:00:42 +0000 Ten Thousand Saints


I certainly seem to have a funny longstanding and tidal relationship with Hollywood. Last Friday, I went to watch the premiere of the new movie that I’m a small part of. It’s called 10,000 Saints and stars some of the biggest names in Hollywood right now – Ethan Hawke, Emile Hirsch, Hailee Steinfeld, Asa Butterfield. It also happens to star a bunch of the devotees from the Bhakti Center in New York – Doyal Gauranga, Chaitanya Kapadia, Vinay Vanodia, and a bunch of other handsome and beautiful devotees of Krishna. I play the illustrious role of, “Hare Krishna priest” 🙂 and I get to live out one of my long-time dreams of chanting mantras about Krishna in a Hollywood film. I chose to sing the prayers of Lord Brahma (also called the Brahma Samhita) where he describes the supreme beauty and attractiveness of Govinda and his spiritual world. Seems a fitting offering to an industry so captivated by beauty and love. At the end of each stanza Emile Hirsch and Hailee Steinfeld toss handfuls of grains into the fire and sing “Swaha” as they pretend to get married at the temple.

10K S2I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone who plans to see it, so I’ll just say the basics. It centers around a young man and his Journey to find himself in the 1980s straight edge hard-core scene in New York City. There’s a lot of graphic drug use (especially in the beginning of the film) sexual overtones, and spicy language so I wouldn’t enthusiastically recommend my gentle hearted, sattvic, spiritual friends should all go see the film. But if you’re one of those bhaktas who enjoys binge watching lowbrow, high-entertainment shows like Game of Thrones after you finish your 16 rounds, then by all means feel free. It’s definitely enjoyable to see the Bhakti Center and the beautiful atmosphere of flower garlands, colorful saris and ecstatic Kirtan captured for posterity in this independent film. When I went to the DC premiere of this movie Eleanor Henderson, the author of the book the film is based on, told me the scenes at the temple are her favorite scenes in the film.

And be careful not to blink or you might miss the future nominee for the Oscar for “Best Turban Worn By An Actor Portraying a Hare Krishna Priest in a Film About the Hard-core Punk Rock Scene in 1980s New York.” 😉

Gaura Vani

The film is available on demand on iTunes, Android and Amazon
Click HERE for current theater showings


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2016 India Pilgrimage with Radhanath Swami and The Juggernauts Sat, 11 Jul 2015 16:00:01 +0000 india1


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Sacred Sounds Under the Stars with Radhanath Swami in Ashton, MD Wed, 03 Jun 2015 13:13:07 +0000 RNS in the gardenMonday, June 8 at 6pm
It is that time of year again for our annual outdoor Sacred Sounds celebration with HH Radhanath Swami. Please join us on Monday, June 8th at 6pm for one of our most exciting and beautiful events of the year (address below).

The Sacred Sounds festival will start off with a satvic vegetarian potluck prasadam dinner, followed by kirtan under the stars. This will be outdoors, so please feel free to bring any blankets or cushions to make yourselves comfortable on the lawn.

If you would like to bring something to share for the Potluck Dinner, please remember, no meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, onions or garlic, so that everyone can enjoy the festival.
*Please contact for any questions regarding the potluck.

Date: Monday, June 8th at 6pm
Location: 1308 Patuxent Dr, Ashton MD 20861
Satvic Vegetarian Potluck Dinner/Prasadam
Kirtan, kirtan, and more kirtan
Discussion and sharings with HH Radhanath Swami

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It is Here! New Album from The Hanumen Wed, 27 May 2015 11:23:30 +0000 Available now on:
We present Leaps&Bounds, the new album by The Hanumen, a multi instrumental weaving of traditional kirtan and a revolutionary mix of eclectic mantra music. Varying traditions of spirituality and musicality come together in perfect harmony, including vocals and drumming from the Mayapuris own Vishvambhar! And of course the usual suspects, Gaura Vani, John de Kadt, Purusartha Dasa and Benjy Wertheimer, plus many incredible guest musicians.

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Hanumen 2015 Summer Tour in the Northeast Tue, 07 Apr 2015 11:41:55 +0000 Hanumen_2015

The Hanumen are hitting the road again, and this time, with their new album “Leaps & Bounds” in hand. The tour will cover Northeast (Upstate NY, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts). The tour will also include 4 (!) retreats. Joining the tour as a very special guest is kirtaniya extraordinaire Vishvamhar Sheth. To top it off, The Hanumen will join Krishna Das onstage on July 24 in Portland, Maine. Click HERE for tour details. Connect with The Hanumen HERE. The tour is made possible in partnership with the Call and Response Foundation. Click HERE to learn about what they do.

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Bhakti Immersion Retreat with Radhanath Swami in Madison, VA Wed, 11 Mar 2015 11:57:40 +0000 RNS DC1June 5-7, 2015
This is a rare opportunity to study intimately with world-renowned master Radhanath Swami in our first DC  Bhakti Immersion. Held at the beautiful Seven Oaks Retreat Center, 2hr from DC. This weekend invites us to journey into the inner meaning of yoga and spirituality. Other presenters include Gopi Kinnicutt, Brittanie DeChino,  and Greg Marzullo teaching yoga. Gaura Vani (Kirtan/Mantra), Rukmini Walker (Sacred Activism/Women of bhakti), Madhava Acharya (Meditation/Living and working yoga). Bathe yourself in kirtan and sacred song, transformative discussions, deep asana practice, and  sumptuous vegetarian food. Quieten the mind and find peace and unity with your fellow yogis and the Divine.

Retreat cost: $375. Includes food, accommodations and workshops. All profits will go to Radhanath swami charity projects in Mumbai to help feel the hungry and homeless.

RNS DC2For more information or to register contact or email
Sevenoaks Retreat Center is located on 120 acres of secluded forest land in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.The 120-acre property is expansive, largely wooded, bordered by the pretty Rapidan River and surrounded by views of the Blue Ridge mountains. Shamans who have regularly visited Sevenoaks describe the land as “spiritually seasoned”. Simply put, it feels good to be at Sevenoaks.The featured building is Lighthouse, which offers a wonderful, 52-foot-diameter circular meeting space for groups. Located in Central Virginia, Sevenoaks feels private and secluded without being too remote. It is easily accessible by car from large cities and airports, reachable in less than two-hours from Washington DC, 75 minutes from Richmond, or 30 minutes from Charlottesville. Such a confluence cannot easily be created and provides a richly desirable place for personal development retreats and workshops. More information about the retreat, including the schedule is here.


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Join The Hanumen in Creating Our New Album Mon, 05 Jan 2015 15:52:35 +0000
Hanumen's New Album

Hanumen’s Second Album in the Works

Dear Friends,
We are raising $49,401 to pay for making The Hanumen’s new record. The funds will cover the costs of traveling, recording, producing, photography and design. Please give us your prayers and blessings in this endeavor. Our goal is to raise enough money so that we don’t have to borrow so much. That allows us to keep ownership over our music. The more we raise, the less we need to borrow. This way the music continues to support the artists for years to come.
This is the cost breakdown:
~ $24,090 Recording, Mixing, Mastering and CD Design
~ $8,261 Travel and Lodging
~ $17,050 Musicians and Guest Artists

TOTAL: $49,401
Visit HANUMEN.COM to make your donation.

Tax deductible donations can be received through our partnership with Call And Response Foundation. The total includes a 10% donation to Call And Response Foundation. This partnership allows us to extend the benefit of their tax deductible status with you while supporting the important work of C&R that we cherish so much.

Or via mail to: Call And Response Foundation, Attn: Hanumen Recording, PO Box 19941, Sugar Land, TX 77496, USA

Gaura Vani in Studio with the HanumenAre there folks in your community that might be excited to help us create this new album? We are certainly grateful for your financial support, but we are even more grateful if you can help us reach others who might give to our project. There are so many “crowdfunding campaigns” sailing around the internet and social media. We didn’t want to create another one. We thought it best to reach out to our close friends in person. We don’t have a bunch of “perks” to offer, like private concerts, Hanumen themed underwear or gold plated mugs. We just thought maybe we could offer our community one simple perk – a really well-made collection of heart-filled music. Does that sound good?

With all our love and best wishes,

The Hanumen




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The Juggernauts Tour October 2014: Gaura Vani, Visvambhar, Krishna Kishor, Purusartha Dasa Thu, 23 Oct 2014 17:14:20 +0000 The JuggernautsWe will be playing at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa on Oct. 28, Mississippi State in Starkville on Oct. 29, Unity Church of Birmingham on Oct. 30 and The Birmingham Hindu Temple and Cultural Center on Oct. 31. Please come and join us and bring friends!
Click HERE for tour details.

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India Yoga Festival in Goa, January 9-11, 2015 Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:20:28 +0000 India_Yoga_Festival_GOA_GENERAL

This is going to be a fantastic event in beautiful Goa. I am so excited to be a part of the kirtan lineup along with my daughter Kairava. Click HERE for the complete event information and to register. We hope to see you there.

A celebration of wellness, spiritual expansion and conscious living through yoga, spiritual music and healthy food. A perfect holiday to start your year with a positive and healing energy.

3 full days of Yoga & Musical Kirtans
+20 Yoga styles
+20 Yoga teachers & artists
+50 Yoga Sessions

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Ahimsa Festival in Upstate NY: October 4-5, 2014 Sat, 30 Aug 2014 17:31:34 +0000 Ahimsa Gaura VaniI am thrilled to be a part of this year’s Ahimsa Festival in Windham, NY. It is a two-day festival celebrating yoga and music. Ahimsa will promote traditional and emerging yoga styles, provide beautiful music in a green setting while providing you with  access to emerging conscious companies and innovations in yoga. Click HERE for more information about the event and how to register. Tickets available on BrightStar Events. LIKE them on Facebook.

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Sacred Sounds Kirtan Under the Stars with Radhanath Swami – August 13 at 6pm Wed, 30 Jul 2014 14:23:31 +0000
Radha Krishna dancingPlease join us on Wednesday, August 13th at 6:00pm for our annual outdoor Sacred Sounds celebration with HH Radhanath Swami; one of our most exciting and beautiful events of the year.  The gathering will be held, as usual, in Ashton, MD (address below).
Wednesday’s Sacred Sounds festival will start off with a potluck dinner, followed by kirtan under the stars.  Please feel free to bring any blankets or cushions to make yourselves comfortable on the lawn.
If you would like to bring something to share for the Potluck Dinner, please remember, no meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, onions or garlic, so that everyone can enjoy the festival.
***Please contact Vrinda about bringing a vegan/vegetarian dish at or 240-426-6682.***
sacred sounds under the starsSo here’s the details….
Wednesday,  August 13th 6pm
Satvic Vegetarian Potluck Dinner/Prasadam
Kirtan, kirtan, and more kirtan
Discussion and sharings with HH Radhanath Swami
Where:  1308 Patuxent Dr, Ashton MD 20861
When:  Wednesday August 13th 2014 6pm
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Hanumen Summer Tour (July 10 – August 3) Tue, 10 Jun 2014 11:28:18 +0000 hanumen blue tJoin the amazing Hanumen (Gaura Vani, Benjy Wertheimer, Purusartha Dasa, John de Kadt) this summer as they tour from the Nantucket Yoga Festival to the shores of the Atlantic. The tour culminates at their annual 3 day Hanumania retreat in Maine and is produced in partnership with the Call and Response Foundation.
Tour info is as follows:

For Hanumen on Facebook click Here

Thursday July 10, 2014
Freedom Yoga, Barrington RI 7pm

Friday-Saturday July 11-12
Nantucket Yoga Festival, Nantucket MA

Monday July 14
All that Matters Wakefield RI 7:30pm

Tuesday July 15
Private event for Save the Children

Wednesday July 16
Kaia Yoga, Westport CT 7pm

Thursday July 17
Connecticut Yoga Center, Middletown CT 7pm

Friday July 18
Cornish Yoga, Cornish NH 6:30pm

Saturday July 19
Newburyport MA 7:30pm
Newburyport Town Hall
produced by Roots to Wings Yoga & Healing, An Evening of Peace, Love, and Healing in Greater Newburyport – A portion of the funds raised support the work of the Pettengill House and Jeanne Geiger Woman’s Crisis Center

Sunday July 20
Dragonfly Yoga Barn and Retreat Center,
North Sandwich NN

Tuesday July 22
Shri Yoga Montreal QC 7:30pm

Wednesday July 23
Workshop: Ancient Stories for Modern Times
Shri Yoga Montreal QC 4-5:30pm

Friday July 25
Yoga Class and Kirtan
7pm Yoga 8pm Kirtan
Rubin Museum of Art NYC
Yoga Maya NYC

Saturday July 26
YogaMaya NYC 8-10pm

Sunday July 27
Satsang Yoga 7-9pm
Westfield NJ

Monday July 28
Yoga Mandali
Saratoga Springs NY 7-9pm

Tuesday July 29
Private Outreach Event
Portland Maine

Wednesday July 30
Public event
Hope GateWay 7:30pm
509 Fisher St
Portland ME

Thursday July 31
Darrows Barn
Damariscotta ME 7:30pm
3 Round Top Lane
Damariscotta, Maine

Friday to Sunday August 1-August 3
Hanumania Retreat
Damariscotta ME:

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Pilgrimage to South India with Gaura and Gopi – Winter 2015 Sat, 10 May 2014 00:42:11 +0000 South India January 20th – Febuary 1st 2015

Join Gopi Kinnicutt and Gaura Vani for another unforgettable tour to South India.

4 days in Hampi. Birth place of Hanuman
4 days in Udupi. Ancient Krishna Temples
4 days in Mumbai – Govardhan Eco Village & Flower Festival (with Radhanath Swami)

 4 days in Hampi. Birth place of Hanuman
The ancient town of Hampi is filled with hundreds of ruins and gigantic stone architecture from the city named Vijaynagar. Centuries ago, this city was abandoned because of war at the height of India’s wealth and splendor. It is the legendary birthplace of the heroic monkey-warrior Hanuman and many episodes from the life of Rama and Sita happened here in these sacred mountains and the surrounding area. This is a pilgrimage that will bring sacred stories alive, and allow us to enter deeper into the heart of yoga.

4 days in Udupi.
This land of celestial beauty – beautiful hill chains, pure forests, unending beaches and very friendly people – lies between the abundant mountains of the Western Ghats on the East and the immense and calm Arabian Sea on the West. The town of Udupi is built around one of earth’s oldest and grandest Krishna temples and is also the home of Sri Madhavacharya, believed to be an incarnation of Hanuman. Madhvacharya was a visionary and teacher from the Bhakti tradition in the 13th and 14th centuries (same time as Saint Francis), and is one of the most prominent saints that brought the jewel of bhakti yoga to the modern yogic practitioner.

4 days, Mumbai – Govardhan Eco Village & Flower Festival (with Radhanath Swami)
On the outskirts of the city of Mumbai we’ll retreat and reflect at a self-sustaining, organic, eco-farm and village. Beautiful, handmade mud yoga shalas, incredible, delicious food cooked by monks using organic crops, thriving animal welfare program, ashram, ayurvedic spa and treatments. Our time here will serve as a place to reflect and assimilate how to transition back into our lives in the West. Finally we head into the heart of India’s most modern and dynamic city and join in the timeless, other-worldly celebration of the Flower Festival. Two tons of flower-petals are poured on deities of Radha and Gopinath and then showered on the festival goers – we’ll be immersed in music, color, dancing, food and an unforgettable divine party as we say good-bye to India.


$2650 ($2850 after November 1st 2014). Includes food, accommodation, internal travel, pilgrimage adventures , yoga and kirtan transformation. Once you land in India all your needs and expenses will be taken care of. To register email gopi at

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Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training in Washington DC Thu, 20 Mar 2014 22:32:35 +0000 Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training with Gaura Vani and GopiI will be co-hosting this one-of-a kind yoga teacher training with my dear friend Gopi Kinnicutt at Flow Yoga Center in DC. This will be a two-module training taught over 2 weekends in May (May 9-11 and May 30-June 1). We will dive into the rivers of Bhakti, through Mantra, (sacred sound and movement), Puja (ritual and sacred space), Lila (sacred stories), Sadhana (practice), Prasad (sacred food) and so much more.

Cost per module: $250
15 Yoga Alliance credits per module
For a detailed program and to register click HERE
Gopi’s Facebook page HERE

Module 1:
Friday, May 9th, 7pm-9:30pm
Saturday, May 10th 2pm-9:30pm
Sunday, May 11th 2pm-7pm
Module 2:
Friday, May 30th 7pm-9:30pm
Saturday, May 31st 2-9:30pm
Sunday, June 1st 2-7:30pm

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Upcoming: Bhakti Yoga Retreat with Radhanath Swami Fri, 14 Mar 2014 17:25:05 +0000 Bhakti Yoga RetreatI’m honored and excited to be joining my Guru Maharaj Radhanath Swami again for the Bhakti Yoga retreat at the beautiful Sivananda Ashram Yoga in the Bahamas. Retreat dates: May 16-21, 2014. It would be great if you can join us too. Retreat information can be found HERE

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Hanumen News: Florida and Southeast Spring Tour March 14-29 Sat, 01 Mar 2014 15:06:14 +0000 HanumenWe are back on the road. This time around, the Mantra Revolution is calling us to new territories: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and a few other marvelous places. Thanks to Call and Response Foundation for putting the tour together. Thanks to all the hosts and organizers for inviting us. Check my homepage, Bands in Town page or the Facebook page for dates. See you on tour March 14-29. Oh and don’t forget to tell friends!

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Weekly Kirtan Sangha in NYC Tue, 28 Jan 2014 16:09:00 +0000 Harmonium1Hey Everyone! I’m inviting you to our weekly kirtan sangha at The Bhakti Center NYC: Tuesdays from 6:15pm to 8pm (kirtan and prasad) and Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm (kirtan). Also Wednesdays at 8:30pm at the ISKCON Brooklyn Temple (kirtan and prasad) Free to attend. Come and invite friends. Hariiiiiibol

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