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Gaura Vani & As Kindred Spirits and GauraVani.com would like to thank the following patrons for their continued support of this project.

Avatar Studios

The Mody Family for their continued support and use of Avatar Studios office space, warehouse and recording facility. They have believed in this project since the beginning around 12 years ago.

Equal Vision Records

The Reddy Family, Equal Vision Records and Mantralogy for opening up many possibilities, continued support and advice.

Dauji Ram Tour Van and Trailer - Mantralogy Tour '09 Launch

The Morrison Family for donating Dauji Ram (Dodge Ram Tour Van) and making the Mantralogy ’09 Tour possible.

Jennifer Fulton for donating to purchase Apple Logic Studio 9 software for recording. Puspavan Prabhu and Family for continued support, encouragement and helping us travel. Julia Fischer for continued support and encouragement. Dhruv Sharma for support from “Down Under”. Tara Rajput for consistent support. Thank you to our other patrons: Bina Chauhan, Rajan Siva, Dinesh Sachdeva, Anatoly Evtushenko, Balachandar Namasivayam, Jayesh Kumar Thirumal, Daniel Swanson, Antons Starostins, Manmath Nayak, Wolfgang Tschank, The Golden Chain Technologies, Balachandar Namasivayam, Linda Peck, Helmut Treutlein, Ljubomir Bozic, Sanja Musulin and so many others.

Become a patron and help support one of the most active Kirtan projects. Any amount helps. Don’t like PayPal? Contact us here and we’ll give you other options.

Some things on our wish list:

Apple Logic Studio Recording Software – $499 (See it here) Thank you Jennifer!!!
Altiverb Reverb Plugin – $520 (See it here)
Canare StarQuad Microphone Cable – $24 ea. (Need 10) (See it here)
Promotional Campaign (graphic design, post card and flier printing or web ads) – $250

If you wish for your donation to go directly for one of these items, leave us a note while making your donation and we’ll be sure to allot your funds for that purpose.